Any one had this issue with 888?


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Mar 1, 2023
Hi guys!

I signed up to 888 Casino two weeks ago and immediately they advised me they needed to verify me, which of course I don't mind! I forgot about it until a couple of weeks later they sent me a series of emails all on the same day:

One of them:
"Your details are verified!
Thank you for uploading your documents. We are happy to advise they have been approved."

Ok, great. And then another couple of generic emails, and then this:

"This is the Operations Team at 888casino and we are contacting you with regards to your account with username (XXXXXX)

Thank you for sending in the recently requested documents which have now successfully passed our verification process. As a result any restrictions which may have been imposed on your account have been removed.

Many thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

For further information regarding our withdrawal timeframes, please visit our FAQs here."

I felt kind of obliged to play there to be honest, but now I regret that! I deposited £480 over about a week. No withdrawals, no crazy OTT game play. I try to log in this morning and my account's been 'temporarily suspended', and so I email them to ask why, and I get this:

"After reviewing, I can see that your account was restricted on 02/03/2023 due to the fact that it is related to a Self-Excluded account.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us."

That's the day that I registered and what? I self-excluded? That's BS. But let's pretend I forgot. So I replied asking for more info and the shock at this could happen...

"Thank you for contacting 888sport. This is Baljeet from the support department here at 888casino.

After reviewing your account Daniel I can see it has been closed as it is related to an account that is currently self-excluded.

Please allow me to remind you that until the exclusion is cancelled on your account, we ask that you refrain from opening further accounts with any gaming site operated by any entity within the 888 Group (specifically including Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd and 888 UK Limited). Such accounts will be closed as soon as they are detected and the relevant operator may, at its sole discretion, withhold all deposited and related monies in relation to such accounts."

I've replied back being polite but firm that I want my money back! They said it's been escalated but they can't guarantee me a time frame for a response (wow, rude).
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I'm surprised at this as a couple of years or more? ago 888/Cassava had to spend millions contacting and refunding UK-based players who had managed to lose deposits at one of their properties while being excluded from another property under the same operator's license.

Basically, the deposits were void and shouldn't have been taken as players would not have been paid under the terms, being SE'd somewhere else in the group. So they were told to refund such depositors.

If someone has been trying to circumvent the rules by changing their details slightly, then I'm not sure what happens to deposits. If it's a mistake, then the deposits should be funded and play voided. But no winnings should be paid either.
So honestly did you have an account somewhere else, at the same groups or partners of them with a ongoing self exclusion?
Do you guys think they'll refund my money or...?
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This is a common tactic of theirs. They accuse players of being bonus banned, or SEd, or other reasons for account closures from their sister sites, and they won't tell you which site it was. They have hundreds if not thousands of white labels, and they are either too lazy or aloof to let you know which one it is, nor will they discuss it any further. I am sure about that.

If they decide to properly address this, I would be very surprised. has a sordid history at Casinomeister - ethically challenged Rogue Casino

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