Aladdins Gold (Club World Casinos) accumulating large fees for your withdrawal


Jul 28, 2009
Some background:
I played pretty large at Aladdins gold casino for some months ago. At some point I was down a large amount, but after some new deposits I finally won some decent amounts and made some withdrawal requests. Still down 8k$ ( + 1.4k$) :(

The Issue:
Aladdin's Gold (Club World Casinos) have without any kind of notice deducted 1.4k$ from the pending withdrawals.
The reason? Fees for previous deposits!? :confused:
I had already lost over 25 deposits in a row but it wasn't enough so they patiently waited for me to make a cash out so they could add a 1.4k$ fee for deposits aswell...

Is this really acceptable for an accredited casino?
I mean, what would have happened if I have requested 1300$ in winnings?
Would they perhaps have asked me to deposit another 100$ so it could cover their costs? ;P

Is it standard procedure that Club World casinos are accumulating fees for deposits? Or did they do it just for me?
I mean I have never ever experienced transaction fees for neteller on any other online casino... I think the fees are a joke and I don't recommend any player to play here.

(I have been depositing and withdrawing with neteller where the deposits are processed automatically by the software and neteller. Aladdins Gold are also additionally deducting 30$ for each withdrawal I have made)

never heard of that before...u need to get a rep real answer ur questions real quick


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Mar 13, 2008
I am flabbergasted. I suppose they are relying on this term in their Terms of Use:

17. We reserve the right to process any withdrawals from casino accounts via the method(s) used to fund the account wherever possible. In addition, we also reserve the right to deduct any processing costs associated with the account from the value of the payment.

I suggest you stop posting on this issue immediately, read the Pitch A Bitch guidelines

First step is to contact their rep

Good luck in resolving your issue. It hardly seems fair (a new requirement for CM Accreditation) to apply this term retroactively to the entire history of your account.

Please don't post further as it can hurt your chances for a resolution or Maxd even taking your PAB, if it becomes necessary.


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Jan 20, 2004
Thanks Jazz, you've said most of what I was going to.

@froosh : When you get to the point where you want to make this a formal complaint you begin that process with our Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ at

Please read ALL of the PAB FAQ because it is important for you to know what to expect from the process and what we expect from you before, during and after we pursue the issue on your behalf.

Once you've read the FAQ and have determined that you do qualify for our assistance proceed to file the PAB and I'll take it from there.

Until then,
Max Drayman, Player Grievance Manager


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Oct 15, 2004
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FWIW, the OP did not file a PAB on this issue.

Thank you Max!! Makes it hard for you to help them if they don't follow through. Even I get upset when they do that. If you can find your way here, and start a should be able to follow protocol. IF you really care about the issue I mean.

Anyway, thanks for the clarification. :thumbsup:


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Jan 20, 2004
FWIW, my experience with the PABs is that when someone comes on the forums, kicks up a lot of dust about their issue, but strangely refuses to file the PAB it's often because they don't want to divulge the full facts of their case.

In other words they're trying to use the forums to get what they want while the PAB process and the investigations it entails are something they'd rather avoid.

I've come to take a pretty dim view of folk that'll start fires about their beef but can't or won't take the time to deal with the issue properly. Something usually stinks.


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Oct 25, 2009
Nothing stinks here.. I just assume that a PAB takes alot of time and energy, I was going to send it. I saw a similar issue that had been solved with a PAB, so hopefully I don't have to send in a new one now.
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