WARNING 5PlusBet is confiscating player money and ignoring complaints


Complaints (PAB) Manager
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Jan 20, 2004
5PlusBet now have four outstanding PABs against them totalling over €15,000 in unpaid withdrawals and/or winnings, all accumulated over the last eight weeks or so. They are either making generic claims against the players -- like "unfair play" and "you're a cheater" -- or making it so difficult for the players to complete KYC that the money is effectively being withheld. In most cases the casino hasn't bothered to reply and in no case has any evidence been provided. All players are locked out and being ignored by the casino. I'm obviously wasting my time trying to chase these guys and so ...

WARNING: 5PlusBet.com (aka 5PlusBet5.com) is withholding or otherwise denying large amounts of player winnings for very dubious and unsupported reasons. In some cases players have been assured that certain KYC documents are fine only to be told they are not fine when they attempt to withdraw. Complaints are being ignored. Players are strongly advised to avoid this casino.

Unfortunately this means we likely won't be able to help players get their issues resolved. Caveat ludius.
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