1000% Coolcat bonus?

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I just received an e-mail from Coolcat casino offering a 1000% sign-up bonus. I did a search on this casino and there are conflicting opinions posted on their pay/don't pay new management/same old-same old track record.
Is the offer worth a go? Thanks and a Happy Winning New Year to all!
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You ever hear the saying if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is? I'd stay far away from any offer like this. JMO.


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If you take a bonus like this, please read the terms and conditions carefully. You will probably never be able to cash out.

I would recomend playing WITHOUT a bonus at this casino (Virtual Group), and be aware of limited cash out amounts.

Also be aware of my PAB policies - just a heads up if you are tempted by these sucker bonuses.


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from memory they haev some rather unkind terms and max cashouts if you take their bonuses and lots of games are restricted.

Last I looked they had a whole range of different offers some looked like they might be worthwhile and others didnt.

If you are a newbie (as you probably are to ask such questions) i would stick to casinos with clear and transparent bonus terms or no bonus at all. You will know better where you stand.

I have heard stuff about them sometimes refusing to play/ dragging their heels so overall i would stay clear. If its big bonuses you are after then you have to be prepared to spend time checking bonus conditions and also time checking the reputations of the sites - it is far easier just to play the casinos that Casino meister recommends.


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Cool Cat and the Virtual Group have been pretty decent as of late in my experience, and my friends say the same thing as well. That being said, always ensure you read the T&C of any bonus you accept carefully - especially ones using RTG software.


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I had a couple of issues with Cool Cat (and the Virtual Group in general). I do think they have been noticeably better lately. If you get delayed cashouts, or have some issue with bonuses or wagering then you can always just jet off an email to manager@coolcatcasino.com, and you'll get a response from someone who is better equipped to deal with escalated issues. Victoria seems pretty well on the ball from my experiences with getting her to resolve my issues.

Then again, I had a pretty big win on there, and I've not been able to login since. Shame, I was thinking about playing there more.


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The 1000% Bonus Explosion Promotion starts on September 1st and ends on November 30th. The CoolCatCasino Management reserves the right to expire this promotion at any moment with a previous notice on the site.

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Last I checked...today is Feb 6, 2007.


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Thanks for the email of Victoria at Cool Cat Casino. She was able to answer my question as to what had happened to my withdrawal request, after receiving no response from support for 12 days.

The fault is mine for not reading the T&C properly, but I thought you may be interested in this clause of the T&C.

"In cases when the account has a positive balance (any amount over $0), a cash out must be requested before a new deposit is entered. Any winnings made while the account had a positive balance will be forfeited and the deposit will be returned."

So, make sure that you DON'T make a deposit before your winnings are in your bank!

It's clearly stated & my error ... but... WOW.
You live & learn.


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"In cases when the account has a positive balance (any amount over $0), a cash out must be requested before a new deposit is entered. Any winnings made while the account had a positive balance will be forfeited and the deposit will be returned."
These are IMHO totally unacceptable terms. No respectable casino (such as 32red or Intercasino) would ever have these kind of conditions. To me these kinds of terms seem another excuse to screw the player.

And what comes to playing at Virtual Group Casinos / Cool Cat without bonuses in order to avoid getting screwed..

I'll tell you what, if you are not on a bonus you are less likely to win and thus get screwed. If you lose then you won't have any problems, I promise! :D


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Just a quick update on my withdrawal request on the 11th February from Coolcat Casino .... deposited into Neteller 23rd February.

Customer Support is non-existent .. the ONLY email that was answered, was my 1st email to Victoria that informed me why I had lost all my winnings & was left with my deposit as my account balance.

Given the information on Casinomeister & my own experience with Coolcat Casino, (even though I eventually received my small withdrawal) I will not be returning any time soon.

Just my 2 cents!