YouTeller Makes False Claims

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Jan 31, 2007
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Found this today in eGaming Review; thought you all would want to know.

If you subscribe to the online magazine (free), the story is here:
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YouTeller "false" claims

A new payments processor which says it will be open for business in March this year appears to be falsely claiming to be certified by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA).

YouTeller claims on its website to be a trademark of a company called Seed Capital Ltd, and gives an address in east London. A link on the companys contacts page then diverts to the FSA register of Small E-Money Issuers where a company called Seed Capital Ltd is indeed listed.

However, a search on the FSA website reveals the company behind Seed Capital Ltd to be Oxford Technology Management, a company based in Oxford. When contacted by eGaming Review, a spokesperson at Oxford Technology Management said the company had never heard of YouTeller.

YouTeller also gives a registration number for Companies House in the UK on its website. A search under the number given comes up with the same east London address as the YouTeller website. The only director registered is one Florian Schweitzer with an address given in Austria.

This Seed Capital Ltd was registered at Companies House in October 2006. The other Seed Capital Ltd, from Oxford, registered its name at Companies House in July of last year. Schweitzer is not registered personally with the FSA.

A spokesperson for the FSA said the matter had been passed on to the relevant department for investigation.

Neither YouTeller or Schweitzer was available for comment.
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