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Im new but i really want to thank CasinoMeisters employees and Members for saving me and many from depositing our money on worthless gaming sites. I was about to deposit to a casino when i saw a google complaint and i stumbled acroosss this kik arse site while reading the forums I almost Kiked myself in the arse for almost depositing on a rouge casino :oops: but if i could ask for help in some recomendation for a fgreat US accepting player casino with Casino Meister standards i really would appreciate it:D Thank You again casinoMeister and its members for all you do to keep our money and Integrity Safe.


Hi there and welcome to the forum.

On the brown(ish) colored bar above this thread you will see all sorts of places to go where you can find many things of interest. One of those is titled CM CASINOS and there you will find what you seek.

Good luck to you and I hope to see you around. :)


Dormant account
Ty Cynthial

i found some great CasinoMeister places to go and finally feel safe to know i hv a reliable place to deposit and play:D