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Dec 26, 2006
Hi, I recently installed XXL Club Casino.

Is the coolest PlayTech I seen.

These are my reasons:

1- Expert and speedy 24h live help in lobby in 5 languages
2- Software in 6 languages
3- Live Dealer games accept bets since 1!!! Inclusive BJ (In most of PlayTechs, live dealer BJ minimum bet is 5)
4- A lot of payment options
5- In their website there are some (mini) banners, a bit harder to discover. If you download casino from these banners they will give you a 10 bonus!
6- They Pay :notworthy
7- Tables are blue... :lolup:

Try it, is my #1!!! :thumbsup:

I played there because I like the PlayTech Software.
I received a nodeposit Bonus and made 2 deposits there. And they gave me a nodeposit NewYear Bouns.

I haven't won there , so I had no withdrawals and can't tell if they pay and how fast they pay.
Daft Name.

It has a daft name and is Playtech; so it's a case of "dislike at first sight".

If it was running software less favoured by the underbelly of the industry I could forgive the name. Simply adding XXL to generic "Club Casino" shows a lack of imagination, likely to be reflected in the promotional offerings. Also, XXL is so full of itself, how about a little modesty - every single casino is the best or the biggest, or has been in the industry since 1945 if you believe their press pages or about us.
If i took this "poll" as a question, i would report the results of my google research (in short: run, dont walk!). But i understand this as a smart - or better - not so very smart - try to push a thirdclass casino. A try, which was started by a casino affiliate (public profile names even the website (and again its a run, dont walk).
It might be ok for affiliates to push casinos, but itshould be clear for everyone, "who rides the horse".
what made me suspicious in this case, were some posts in the (nearly legendary) mcobretti threads (yeah: the brillant aff., who gives himself the expression of innocence itself).
I made up my mind - - -
jee- if only my english wouldnt be as rusty (or brian had a german corner...):what: :D :what: :lolup:
my 2 cents

I have played there.
The graphics are nice and detailed.
It seems to me that its russian based as I was welcomed in russian from their live help at first contact.
Probably there are a lot of owners behind it.
Live help is available almost all the time that I had login which is better compared to the general playtech support which works for some hours.

As I am afraid of some other playtech casinos I choose to play without bonuses from the beggining (although they have a nice monthly match bonus).
The important is that I have done many deposits and many withdraws and I got paid (in typical playtech time of about 4 business days as its written).

Only the last time they asked me for another document (address verification) which I had sent before some months but they asked again for a recent document. I think it was a way to delay my payment or to discourage me as I had more withdraws than deposits at the time.
Anyway they finally paid just fine.

As it is a new casino, I guess time will show their reliability.
So far my experience is positive.

I would be very wary of a Russian outfit, especially Playtech, or worse RTG.

Lucky Chance (strongly suspected of being Russian) used to pay promptly, but they had "cheating" software so didn't need to screw players over payment issues. Closure was rather sudden and not all that well handled except for the fact that players at least got a chance to get out before the curtain went down for the final time. They claimed an "upgrade" was to temporarily shut down access, but this was a cover for them pulling out entirely.
The ONLY safe Russian facing casino I am aware of is Goldfishka, because it is a Fortune Lounge sponsored brand, and Microgaming.

I voted "I didn't play and I don't like" mainly because it's the silliest poll option I've ever seen! :p

I'm still trying to work out how you can not like something you've never tried...

But anyway, looks too much like a shill post to me :mad:

Yup, if it looks like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck, it probably IS a Duck, (or a shill post).

This is why my first post was sarcastically negative. Strange also that some other threads contain a couple of references to this joint, seemingly just tossed in, and portray it in a positive light.

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