Playtech how do they get away with it?

Wow this Paul guy is one big dick i mean he must be some arrogant tool who obviously works in the gambing industry.
As soon as someone posts something showing foul play he jumps up shouts swears and gets his tiny little balls all twisted up,
You just know when u read people comments that the guy is one massive obnoxious tool .
Hes Scottish too obviously born with a chip on his shoulder.
-Yeah i am a a dick and a total tool like you said.

Oh wait there tho i am not the one constantly losing his money on a rigged game then crying all over the internet. So pretty clear to everyone who the biggest Dick is.

Thanks tho for the entertainment. You forgot too call me dumb that time tho since that is your favourite word for everyone. Now this tool is going to happily wait for you to continue to lose your money and cry all over the place.

Surprised you actually worked out i was scottish. As you obviously are not very intelligent, Bit slower than most which is clear by your posts and fact you have lost yet again on a game you believe is rigged.

Anyway had my fun. You can go lose all you want on a rigged game this sad individual has better things to do. Tho at least slotmaster liked the fact you called me sad so you made him happy. But then again he has a fair bit in common with you so hardly surprising he likes what you say.
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It's a debate not a personal attack, with some valid points at both ends, so let's keep it the topic no need for it to get out if hand.
I happen to side with Stevo on the si called random & fair live games.

Something isn't right with them.
Wow - Stevo77 is now in the Doghouse. This is what happens when you accumulate too many infraction points. He's got 30 at the moment (5 points for each infraction). These will expire in a couple of days.

The bottom line is that you don't insult or troll folks here. And for the record, the only ones working for the industry here are the casino representatives. Using insults ad hominem is a good way to illustrate you don't have a case. It's a poor way to debate anything.

@Stevo77 - you are welcome to rejoin us when you can gather up the strength to debate this as an adult. This is not one of those forums were we tolerate your childlike behavior. Thank you for abiding by our rules and expectations. Cheers!
It's a debate not a personal attack, with some valid points at both ends, so let's keep it the topic no need for it to get out if hand.
I happen to side with Stevo on the si called random & fair live games.

Something isn't right with them.
I agree aceking something is not right with them and ts obvious playtech are manipulated software, and getting away with it. I only played to show evidence and also because
Anyhow I don't want to upset or cause any problems in the forum and apologise if I did.
No worries stevo, things sometimes get a little heated, you should apologise to the other forums members)

Back on topic evolution is worst than playtech on live games or it was when I was playing them.
This guy is a real piece of work. I guess he decided to post his apology at Trustpilot :p

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So he can kiss his account here goodbye RE rule 1.19

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I generally avoid playing any live game online for above reason. Even if they rigg it would still be legal. The reason to this is that most "automated" roulettes like Lightning roulette have to obviously take quite more losses in order to produce the bigger multipliers or wins.

Consider it like this: Ive talked to a few people who used the automated roulette wheels in the casino, you know the machines with 8 chairs or something, they always complain that the moment they start betting a bit higher then usual weird shit occurs. They can get away with it because it comes with a "RTP" programmed inside of it.

A normal true roulette woud'nt even have some sort of RTP since every spin should technically be fully random. So to answer your question why those things are rigged, if you know that and the above i'm presenting you, why do you still continue to play?

If you want fair roulette go to landbased. Oh wait. Youve accumilated to the comfort of staying inside your house and gamble from within your tablet or computer. There's also no walk of shame when you lost obviously everything on roulette on the exit.

I mean ive bin there; with a friend going in with 2500 each and coming back one hour later broke having to call my friends mother for gasoline money. That shit is'nt worth it, and if you continue to play these rigged games your going to end up in the same toxic cycle over and over again.

They are a business. They make huge revenue. And there will always be people trying to prove a point thats known for quite some time that they can legally rig it, as long as the "RTP" is being archieved as advertised. Yes gambling online can be extremely unfair sometimes.

But the losses is what we all go through, the longer you play.

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