Online losses in 2020, Being a Norwegian player, etc


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Nov 25, 2014
Hi all, hope everyone doing OK!

I havent been posting nearly nothing for a while, after insane bad runs, and due to some fishy stuff i came cross, I decided to stop for a while and focus on other things.

Loss of circa $300K last year during the lockdown was pretty insane. (dont worry, I can afford it with my wealth and my job but sucks big time anyway).

  • I lost $40-50K at 32red and they didnt even send me christmas bonus or any bonus when asked. that was it for me at 32red, their dedicated VIP host to me was there just to say if i am comfotable to play there, nothing more, didnt feel any valued at all. Cashout were always whitin 24H no weekends.
  • Lost $120K at Rizk, at least they were generous with bonuses but insanely bad runs, very fast cashout tho, in minutes they would send me $10K to neteller.
  • $120K at Nordicbet, they sent me bonuses here and there but nothing in the level of the deposits. Cashout were always fast and reliable, whitin 12H.
  • $30K on other sites, here and there.

What I have noticed is that Norwegian players has now been banned to deposit and nearly all deposit options gone at sites.

Being bombarded wiith SOW's has been a messy thing, specially when some of them dont approve documents that are 100% clear and legit.

I was diamond vip at Neteller and suddenly they sent email 2 days prior that they are closing their market in norway and that was it, which was very sad because I worked hard to get into that level and perks that comes with being diamond VIP.

Some of my insane bad runs that was in one sessions:

Loss Live BJ at evolution : 25 loss consecutive (this kinda bad run happened quite often with 10-15 losses in row)
2000 spins with no feature at Bonanza
Insane bad runs on pragmatic slots, I could not win on this provider at all.
Normal 1500 spins with no bonus on (1600 came the bonus with 12X) this happened so many times.
Crazy Time: 80 Spins no feature

Worst money grabber of 2020 of slot: Dog house MegaWays: Bought 250 features on $300-500 : bet $100,00 loss -$80,000
Worst Live of 2020: Evolution gaming, dosent matter what, it eats, shady business for sure.

Biggest win:
Nordicbet 2500X 5 scatter at DOA on high stake
$20K win on book of dead/ $20K win on rise of merlin
4A on All access

Now that I dont have any e-wallet and very low limit with deposits, I need to find new hobby, I will still play here and there but way less amount, I found 2 new casino that accept norwegian visa and was lucky with pretty low deposit and currently waiting to see how long I have to wait to get the cashout (casinofriday) been already waiting 4 days.

Moral of the story? Don't rely on particular casinos, e-wallets, being loyal means nothing. Also, don't do what i did :p

Hope everyone stay safe!
Ecopayz workes in Norway.
For some reason, When i opened a account at EcoPayz few months ago they told me I had account from before, therefore they closed my account immiediately. I sent them several emails and no one came back to me. I suspect I made a account there after one of member here recommanded it like 5 years ago. But dont remember anything from it. Their support is terrible and actually make me sceptical to even put money in if they are like that (in case i have problem in future)
I lost 70k last year.

30k loss at PlayNGo games, I am now passing any games of this games provider.

30k loss at Pragmatic Play games . No thing can be win from this providers,even I am playing at low stakes , I used to see YouTube,but now if any streamers show their wins of it,I pass it, it is impossible! You want to win a 1000x ,you should at least lost 3000x.I don’t think they’re truly win.

10k lost at no limit games, and 5k till now this any luck with it.

10k Loss at Blueprint,no thing can be expected after they licensed to Megaways.

Relax Gaming profit ,about 3k

Isoftbet profit 5k

push 2k

0 loss at BTG games, because I didn’t play any last year. : )

In total, too many sh”t games providers.I still remember many years ago I was playing at 20 usd a stakes but Nowadays I have to play at lowest one ,1000x spins to get a 30x bonus every time, WTF.
Agreed, Pragmatic and PnG just seem like flogging a dead horse. The maths is dreadful in the majority of their games, with so much rtp tied up in x0.5-x10 wins that are no good to anyone.
Ecopayz works fine , i also had registered before . No problem they just closed the last account i registered.
They did that in minutes.
Visa deposits is also working now. Bankwithdrawals also no problem.
Yes, when it comes to Rizk withdrawals, the speed is incredible. I was getting money on my VISA within seconds of making a withdrawal request (around end of year 2019).

Evolution live games: similar thoughts, +1

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