WOW!! Palace Group Purchases All Money Mechanic Casinos


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Oct 15, 2004
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WOW!! Palace Group Purchases All "Leisure Casinos" Properties

Dear Affiliates,

The Palace Group has purchased our group of casinos and Money Mechanic. The integration will take place on the 1st of April 2006. All Money Mechanic brands will be integrated into Wager Share along with the appropriate Marketing tools. Affiliates will be able to see their live stats on Wager Share from the 1st of April.

The Money Mechanic tracking tags will continue to work with the Wager Share system. Affiliates will have until the 1st of July 2006 to update their tags to the Wager Share system. For affiliates that are already affiliated with Wager Share, those accounts have been mapped together and all players delivered under Money Mechanic will appear on your Wager Share Accounts. Affiliates who are new to Wager Share, accounts will be created for you! Account details will be mailed to you shortly.

Money Mechanic Affiliates will be subject to Wager Share Terms and Conditions. All the Money Mechanic brands will be subject to the Wager Share commission structure. Wager Share will gladly negotiate any deals made with Money Mechanic affiliates in the past.

Money Mechanic will make their final payment to affiliates for March revenue generated. Some Money Mechanic reports will not be available. Only financial stats will be accessible until the end of March, Wager Share will then have access to all necessary data. Money Mechanic will still have historical stats available for affiliates after April 2006. We wish you much success and future growth with the Wager Share team.

Wager Share and Money Mechanic will not allow any revenues to be lost. The Money Mechanic team is sad to say goodbye. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you all and want to thank you for the success that we have enjoyed together. We feel that Wager Share will be able to offer affiliates a new opportunity to better your revenue and grow your businesses.

Should there be any queries or concerns please feel free to contact me,
and I will gladly help where I can.

All the Best,

Cheryl and the Money Mechanic Team.

So for any of you players not familiar with the Money Mechanic Group, that would be Piggs Peak, Mummy's Gold, Jackpots In A Flash and Poker333. These casinos will now be in the same group as Ruby Fortune and Spin Palace.

Now I'm wondering if this mega-buy may have anything at all to do with the Spin Palace CS problems currently being discussed in another thread here?
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So for any of you players not familiar with the Money Mechanic Group, that would be Piggs Peak, Mummy's Gold, Jackpots In A Flash and Poker333. These casinos will now be in the same group as Ruby Fortune and Spin Palace.

Aaacckkk!!! I hate all this buying out and merging crap. Players are having to deal with it in lands based casinos (Harrah's taking over/merging/whatever with Caesars) and now my fav online casinos are consumed! I'll be quite interested to see what happens with my comp level (I'm platinum at Mummy's) and CS for established players. :oops: Hope they still do 24 hour or less cash outs. Oh dear... so much to fret over as the majority of my MG play goes to this group -- especially since I jumped ship from Grand Prive.

Thanks for the info Pina. And I had no idea what a 'Money Mechanic' casino was, btw.
Add Spin Palace Poker to that Palace Group line-up.

Piggs Peak being sold off is interesting because it was formerly associated with a land casino in Swaziland. I wonder what will happen to Chatmaster and his tournaments here?
There has been some exciting developments at Piggs Casino over the
last couple of weeks. We are proud to announce that we will be
joining The Palace Group of casinos - operators of Spin Palace
Casino, Ruby Fortune Casino and Spin Palace Poker.

Visit these websites for more information:
The Palace group:
Spin Palace Casino:
Ruby Fortune Casino:
Spin Palace Poker:

I am sure that you are asking what this means for you as a player.
Please rest assured that you will experience the same high level of
service and exciting promotions from The Palace Group, as you have
become accustomed to at Piggs Casino. We will officially join The
Palace Group mid March, and well keep you informed.

Your Piggs Casino account number and status will remain the same, and
you will still enjoy the excellent gaming features Piggs Casino has to
offer. There is no need for you to download or install new software.

We see this as the next step in providing you with the ultimate gaming
experience and trust that you are as excited as we are about the new
developments, and the chance for you to become part of the worlds
leading Casino group, The Palace Group.

Kind Regards

Piggs Casino Team
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Looks like we're seeing more and more merging of MG casino groups of late.

As a player, I'm not sure I'm a fan of this trend. I prefer to see more groups competing for my business.

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