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Hey there, I came across an online slot site called I played a few slots there...found them to be easy and fun to play. What makes them unique, is that each slot has a different theme and graphical design. They are pretty cool.


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Hi Anne,

This seems unrelated to the thread title. If you have pleasant experiences, you could start your own thread and we can chime in.


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It's Slotland


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It's Slotland

Winaday is a Flash casino based on the original Slotland HTML casino. Flash allows them to come into the 21st Century, offering SOUND on their games for the first time. The original Slotland is also having Flash versions of the games added.

Players must remember that EVERY game here is a SLOT MACHINE, and this INCLUDES games that look like Video Poker and Blackjack.

I have played at Slotland, and they DO pay, but only on Tuesdays, so again, not exactly "21st Century".

They have a casino wide progressive jackpot, triggered through a chance each spin you take, but ONLY when playing max bet on the given game, which can vary widely between games.

Winaday is probably the better option, it being Flash based, and having sounds on all the games, and better graphics than the HTML version.

Neither are accredited here, although Slotland once was, until there was some concern over the lack of clarity regarding the nature of the Blackjack and Video Poker SLOTS.


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I know that Slotland is still a huge sponser at GG, but Winaday is better by far i woulsd say...i have deposited at Slotland many moons ago but i just can't justify spending money with such an outdated casino, it would be like buying a nintendo 64 instead of the PS3 i have.I did play at winaday when they were just coming out of beta and they gave me free money to try it out and i did enjoy it and yes they do pay :thumbsup:


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I have played at Slotland, and they DO pay, but only on Tuesdays, so again, not exactly "21st Century".
I was bonus banned years ago at Slotland but in looking at my last payment it was 6/15/04. Yep, it was a Tuesday.

Guess nothing changes with them...

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