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Nov 9, 2023
New jersey
This casino that I didn't know was MGM or a sister casino but reputable one I was playing for maybe 2 weeks I deposited and I withdrew numerous times but my last time I had $300 in there and I couldn't get back on my account so they said they were doing a routine security check that I just have to wait so I did then I just got an email saying my account is closed and they still have my $300 it was great on this casino because it only took an hour for you to get it back deposited into your account through your debit card that you used I was just wondering they can't keep my money right and I don't understand why that wasn't deposited into my bank account if they were going to close my account and I did nothing wrong I used one card that's been in my name for years and I don't understand why they did this to me
Ideally they should give you some guidance here - even if your account is closed they can tell you whether or not you will be getting the money back, and if not their reasoning (from the terms and conditions) for confiscating your funds.

Most operators will close the account first then settle up after, but they should provide information - if not you could try customer support who may provide the information, direct you to the right contact, or stonewall you.

For clarity, they may not give you a meaningful reason for closing your account ("business decision" is often bandied about), but they need to reference the T&Cs if they're not willing to release your funds.
@smokey3590 , sorry to hear you got the brusk treatment from WoF. Normally we'd offer to help you via our Player Arbitration (PAB) complaints service -- free of charge, of course -- but WoF is licensed in New Jersey and that usually means they won't even acknowledge your issue if it comes to them through us. As @jasonuk has rightly said, you may never get an answer from them regarding the reason for showing you the door.

- Max

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