What's up with Wild Jack support?


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Dec 20, 2004
Washington DC
I have always found Wild Jack e-mail support to be extremely responsive and helpful. Never had an issue. I could usually count on a response within an hour or two.

On 12/28 I had a small problem with my account (detailed in another thread). My e-mail bounced back. That had never happened before. I re-sent it, and it went through. I never heard back from them. That is VERY unusual. I re-sent it again today (1/6) with receipt requested. I got the receipt notice that the e-mail was delivered, but instead of being delievered to support@wildjack.com, it said the message was delivered to wjsupport@spiralsolutions.com. What's that all about?

I hope this is not a sign of bad things to come for Wild Jack.
Same here...

i have sent support at wild jack four emails the last three days - not ONE answer. I PMed the Jackpotfactory rep yesterday, but havent gotten any answer from him either. Something is definitly wrong. Got a withdrawal today from them, though - their account department is still living, it seems.
Probably nothing to worry about - maybe internal email redirection as the result of holidays, or personnel changes... still the right people will be looking at it.
Spiral Solutions has always been the marketing firm behind JF casinos. They also provide customer service for them (under the name of "Bright Mark"). I think they are located in Israel.

Must give credit where it is due. I sent a pm to the JF rep late yesterday(Saturday), and he responded early today (Sunday). He apologized that my e-mails had not been returned and said he would look into it, and the underlying issue that caused me to send the e-mails in the first place. In the meantime, he said he would add $200 to my account for my troubles, which he did. Can't beat that for customer service!

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