What is wrong with riverbelle and gaming club?


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Aug 13, 2002
WTF is wrong with these 2 casinos? I funded my accounts at both of these casinos with paypal and they had my money faster than i could blink my eyes. Now that i have decided to cash out they have locked my accounts. I called Proc Cyber and they seem to think they need a whole bunch of personal information about me before they will unlock these accounts. Is this normal operation procedure for Proc Cyber the first time you use their services? I thought these were supposed to be reputable online casinos. You would think they would have a reputable processor.
And ProcCyber may not be the best e-cash processor, but they have been around for some time and administer large numbers of casino e-cash transactions.
I have a copy of my passport and a current electric bill with my address on it scanned, converted to a manageable sized jpg, and placed in a folder stashed away on my computer. Whenever someone requests a faxed copy of my drivers liscense, blah blah blah, I just click and drag these two files into an attachment and send them on their way. The casino/ecash provider can just print them out and everyone is happy. Takes about thirty seconds.

Why would someones account be locked for
requesting a cash out??

The ID requirement, I understand.
The "Lockout" of the player, I don't.

Proccyber?? Well, that explains "some" of it. :D
I'm not fond of the 2 specific casinos you asked about (personal opinion), but I've been extremely fortunate and haven't had any problems with Proc-Cyber at all.
As to the issue of providing identification, I'm noticing that casinos do a kind of hit and miss thing when it comes to requiring identification when you first cash out (ie, they seem to require it from a certain percentage of players, but not all players) - but many DO require the identification, and although I admit it's a royal pain for those of us without scanners and fax machines, I understand their need for security measures.
My solution to the problem was to do something similar to what Bryan mentioned, & I would highly advise this approach for everyone who gambles online. Since I don't have a scanner or fax, I scanned a copy of my driver's license and my phone bill when I was visiting a friend who has a scanner, and then I put it into jpg format and transferred it to a computer disk (you can save it on your computer, but I've found that since I don't have a scanner or fax, it's safer to have it on a disk also, just in case I have computer problems & the file is erased or corrupted - by keeping it on a disk, it's safe from viruses & disasters, but it still takes less than a minute to attach the files to an e-mail and send them to the casino). Just remember to label the disk so you know which one has that info on it, lol.
Also, I receive & pay all my bills online, and no longer receive paper bills, which created some serious problems in terms of providing the kind of utility bill the casinos wanted (online bills sent to bank bill-pay programs don't my name, address, etc.). So here's a suggestion for people who receive & pay all their bills online - although most utilities participate in the electronic bill-pay programs, there are a few that still don't, even if they provide online bills. Phone bills are the easiest to use, because most phone companies put the entire bill online, allowing you to do a print-screen of the bill. But here's the important part that I learned - since your bill is online, there are certain personal numbers and codes on most of those bills that you don't want to send to a casino, and when you use the print-screen and paint programs to create a copy of them, you can blank out any numbers or info that you don't want in the hands of a casino. The casinos generally just want a bill that has your name, address, the date of the bill, and the official logo of the utility company, and understand if you blank out certain private info from the bill (you can blank out the url of your online bill, your social security number, the list of phone numbers you called & are being billed for, and even your phone number - I give them the equivalent of the slip I would send back with my payment, but with my phone bill acct # blocked out). That has satisfied every casino requesting my info, and makes me feel safer. Also, my state puts our social security #s on our driver's licenses, and I blocked out my social security number on the copy of my driver's license, to be safe, and again, the casinos haven't had a problem with that (when I first started gambling online, I ran across advice to never give my social security number to a casino, and I believe that is very important and valid advice - I won't do it, because it's too dangerous to give out your social security number - and the casinos don't expect it and don't mind you blocking it out).
I don't mind casinos and processors taking safety measures, but online gamblers also want to take safety measures when we send them personal info. I wrote this in hopes it might help others who are struggling with ways to easily & safely provide the documents required to receive winnings.
:talker: [color=0077aa][font=verdana,arial,helvetica]Excellent post, Suz! Right up there with my own in terms of quality,sincerity and ease of use. lol Of course I have something to add: most of us have at one time or another experienced moments of doubt as to our control over the money we spend online. It is in our own best interests to do what we can to honestly assess those concerns and I may have found a few methods that will accomplish that but ultimately also allow us to continue play. I am not a good gambler. I tell myself that I am, but I'm really not. I do all my homework up front then invariably fall victim to the most run of the mill traps. I bet too much, I wager too frequently, I don't know when to stop and I rely on the false assumption that if I just keep playing my luck wil change. If you've been feeling a little guilty because the bills are going late try a couple of these and see if they work for you. I love to play online. Try some of the free game sites as a way to slow down your spending while continuing to play. I begin with the sites where the games are free or nearly free but still have the promise of cash or prizes attached to keep my interest. Gamesville is just a really terrific starting point for this. I also like Pogo.com, Virtual Vegas, and for sheer unique and fun games, don't pass up Slingo.com.

Once you've played with the "big boys" don't expect to be satisfied by playing casino games with no prize to spur you on. Start with game sites sponsored by those mentioned above where you play identically to real online casino play but wager nothing or just pocket change. Personal silly old favorites of mine are Price is Right (and I hate the real TV version) on Gamesville. Or Bubble Pop or Money Match on that same site. Slingo puts such a terrific spin on some old favorites, it's not to be missed. Or play Bingo for awhile where the pace is controlled by the game, not the player.

When you do gamble, mind your Ps & Qs upfront so you take no risk of being locked out of an otherwise reputable casino and/or lose your account privileges with the most widely used middle-men like the Pay Pals and Firepays of this world.

I am still dumbfounded by testimonials from players who win, win, win at casinos where I have never done anything but lose. Cycle through your casino choices to the point where you actually remove the software of those sites where you do the same. At some of the most popular casinos I couldn't win a nickel out of a 45 cent pop machine.

One other idea that I'm beta testing this weekend: it's so easy for us to get over-involved in drama that builds up around our own little gaming communities. I'm going land based this weekend to recapture the feel of the real deal. I don't expect to win because I live in Arizona and from what I've read the casino payouts and percentages on these land-based sites run by the Indian commissions are much lower than Vegas and, accordingly, our online favorites.

Social caveats: When you gamble online you can be the life of the party in available chat rooms but I have found myself shutting out my family in the interest of game play. I stay up too late, spend too much, and don't eat well.

I've never been a chat room type but certain online games lend themselves well to a little e-banter. Try games that mirror their television counterparts.

For any online casinos who could take offense at these suggestions, remember that each of those sites -- and many others-- advertise on these same free game sites. You'll be back and they've lost nothing since they maintained their visibility in your subconscious even when you actually decide to catch some "z's"

Use the cash no deposit required options that many casions offer their first time players. How long you are able to hang on to their "free $10+" in play mode may very well mirror your potential winnings in real mode.
Okay, I'm all outta steam but my guess is there's more where that came from (advice, not gas.) When you choose to gamble online for real money it's up to you to successfully and honest manage your activity to the point where you can feel good about your decision on how you spend your entertainment dollars.

Happy gaming and may Lady Luck choose to eject the contents of her golden chamber pot on your next wager. _

If you use paypal, why do u need to show your id to a procber, i think that is bull.
WOOHOO!!!! got a call from proccyber today and seems they are finally going to release my monies, after 30 days. Their verification process, in my case, was a bunch of BS, Nothing changed. The monies were going back to the same account that they came from in the first place.
avoid proccyber at all costs. They are the most imcompetent processor online.THey locked my accounts too. It's funny how all these people are making chargebacks isn't it?I think it is the other way around.

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