What is thier game?


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Nov 5, 2001
Dear Meister,do i have this right in my mind?

I have been gambling online for a short space of time.So forgive me if i bore you..

I have received an email saying i can have a 25% bonus on $4000 from Cleopatras Casino.

I must play 7 x my deposit to get the bonus,then play 7 x the bonus...

So:Deposit $4000,play 22400 hands of Jacks or better x 25 cents x max coins.Then get the equivalent of a free Royal($1000).Finish off with another 5600 hands?

After all this amount of play,i cannot cash out straight away or i will be classed as a bonus abuser?

I'm no einstein,but i can count atleast.Seems this casinos can't... How can they let me play a machine with a 99.54% payout margin and expect to make a profit worth talking about?These guys could'nt guarantee much profit from me without me even collecting a free Royal along the way.What is going on?
Obviously an attempt to create a cash flow.
Vegas Strip casino's have not been paying
people for months now.
The general consensus is that this "group"
is basically broke.
Dear amandajm,

I would stay far, far away from the Las Vegas Strip casinos for now. Unless of course you don't mind not getting paid.

They may be paying some of their players, but it is a very slow and unneccessary process. Unneccessary meaning there are many more casinos to choose from. I agree with Mrracetrack...these guys are probaly about to go belly up.


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