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Jan 20, 2004
In a recent article I published our argument regarding a rash of GDPR violations that we have been receiving from casinos. The situation in a nutshell is this:

"... the GDPR does not intend for the consumer's data to be restricted to one data controller in preference or exclusion over other data controllers assuming the consumer wishes that data to be so moved. In the scenario we're discussing here the player with a complaint has the right per Article 20 of the GDPR to have their data transferred from the casino about which they have filed a complaint to an ADR that is processing that complaint at their request and on their behalf. Any casino that denies the player that right, assuming an appropriate request is given, is in violation of the GDPR." (more)

And so it is that we now have the GDPR Violators forum. After years of enduring these feeble and unfounded claims it's high time that violators be named and known for their attempts to block player's rights.