Interwetten: possible violation of GDPR Article 20


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Jan 20, 2004
A few weeks ago a Player ArBitration (PAB) request came to us regarding I contacted them in reference to the player's issue and received the following reply:

Hi, Max,

thank you for your mail.

Unfortunately it is our strict company policy that we do not pass on customer data to third parties. Except for an official request from the gaming authorities, of course.

For your information only. In our opinion the customer was sufficiently informed. Should he has any further questions, he can contact our service team at any time.

Many thanks for your understanding.

With best regards


When I asked if we could proceed once the player had submitted a letter of authorization directly to them naming us as the player's representative in this case the casino did not reply.

A repeat of that was sent 10 days later and was similarly ignored.

For the record the player was an EU citizen and Interwetten is licensed in Malta. The GDPR is fully applicable yet Interwetten is apparently ignoring the player's data rights, possibly including violation of the player's Right to Data Portability,
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of the GDPR.

And so it is that Interwetten receives our first GDPR Violators blacklisting.
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