Operators policies when player refuses to comply with KYC


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Dec 18, 2023
Hello everyone.

Maybe this is one for the reps but also one for any players with experiences.

The UKGC requires operators to have clear policies for what happens when completing KYC has not been possible (for whatever reason).

What happens when a player simply says this is my money, I am exercising my rights under Article 7 UK GDPR not to consent to supplying my information and I am not complying with your requests?

This may happen right at the start of the KYC process or after the sixth email now demanding someone stands outside their house on their head holding a picture of a newspaper or the operator wondering what that £8 was you spent in the supermarket three years ago.

As affordability checks come into force (which looks inevitable) many players are just going to simply refuse to comply. Are operators going to seize on this to dither, delay and deny when it comes to balances even more than they already do? We are in a 5% interest rate environment where it pays to be slow paying.

I want to be clear here. I am not talking about a situation where there is any suspicious activity. Its just a player simply saying this KYC process is not for me. What happens to their money?

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