Wanted to share this with my friends

GGW Laurie

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Just got to see the ultrasound pic of my very first Grandchild and wanted to share it with my friends, im sure Jim is smiling down from heaven, knowing how happy this has made me.:)

Ps: Is the head on the right side of the pic?

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I am so happy for you!!! Yes, the head is on the right side. Wait until they go for an ultra sound and the baby won't stop moving, I have one with my daughter looking toward us, it is great, til this day she sees a camera and turns and smiles!

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That is awesome....we are on the final countdown...March 3rd is the due date but you never know! I can't wait for him or her to call me Gramma:D

I know you are as excited as I am...enjoy!!!


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Ray's neice sent us some of her ultrasounds a couple of months ago and it was amazing the detail you could see. She had her baby on Christmas day! Nice for you Laurie, congrats!


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she he will be a blessing to one and all.

and yes he is smiling down on you and will hand out cigars when the baby comes with a proud smile on his face.

i have a little g-daughter and g-son and whats funny is tt is their uncle and he is younger then my g-son lol
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Congrats, Laurie!!! I remember waiting for my first grand baby. It seemed like the pregnancy was a year long! And, refusing to know the sex made it even more exciting! Blue or pink, blue or pink? I said the heck with it and bought orange, green, yellow baby stuff so whatever came out would have gowns and stuff. So much fun shopping!

My youngest grand baby is 8 yrs this month. So, I am ready for a new round with my son and daughter-in-law. They got married a year or so ago, and I am sure it won't be long before they start thinking about kids! Yay!!

Anyway, enjoy being a grandma, it is ever so much more fun!!!


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Already precious looking....and will be even more precious once the grand entrance is made ! Congrats!



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Ahhh the good ole ultra sounds.

Now- I KNOW this would have made Laurie one happy lady. No better feeling in the world.

Well you do know that you are still plenty needed out there in this world.
Kids love there grandparents.

To me it looks like /he/she is lying on his/her back and the legs are sticking out.

WooooHoooo!!!! laurie is going to be a grand mummy soon :thumbsup:


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I am so very happy for you! Ultra-sounds are great, you have a chance to watch your new grandbaby grow before you even meet him/her.

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