I lost interest in gambling now. I Went back to playing a Virtual Universe game called Entropia Universe!


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Jun 6, 2013
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So yeah, sorry for the long title lol.

Just thought hell lets make a long thread title for the hell of it :D and go ape shit as this section description says not too hahaha. :D

But yeah anyway, in light of a recent loss from a friend etc I have lost interest in gambling pretty much since December last year when I ventured back into a very very expensive Virtual Universe game called Entropia Universe. I played that game for 20+ years on and off and boy is it expensive. So pretty much most of my gambling budget is now going into the game instead. But I get far more enjoyment from and money lasts 10 times longer in the game if you are sensible than it does gambling it on slots.

But before anyone asks what game blah blah blah - I should probably give a HUGE warning first. Entropia Universe is a (RCE =Real Cash Economy) - MMO type style game and it has 3 main professions in it, hunting, mining, crafting, crafting is basically like slots. You get bps and you get the materials needed to craft those items and you just put auto on and leave it be. Go alt tab or do other things or just sit there and watch the machine and the screen lol. Pretty boring crafting can be though.

But anyway yeah it is a very very expensive game 10peds = 1 USD that is and has been the conversion rate since the game went gold back in 2003. I played it before it went gold though in alpha and those was the good old glory days, I miss soo much. But really for me I always took soo many long breaks from the game. But I also had periods of playing it for weeks and months every day etc and other times I played it over the course of a year or more without any long breaks rather just a day off here or there etc. But then came the news and announcement about them moving to a new engine from the current CryEngine 2 the game is currently running on which it has been since I think 2008 ish I think it was. But it is now moving to (UE5 = Unreal Engine 5) and for those that know that is going to be a vast improvement from CryEngine 2 is.

But another warning is this. EU is owned by (MA = Mindark) and MA is pretty much the worst company ever to deal with. They are like rogue casinos are. They are slow at everything. Updates and stuff are slow. If bugs are found, they can take weeks and in some cases months to patch the bugs depending if they are causing MA to lose money cos it is a RCE after-all. so then it it is a bug that is making players rich because people are using it as an exploit then MA will try get that fixed much faster most of the time. But on the whole, MA is a joke, they are scammers they are con artists. I mean let me give you an example. Say you deposit 500 dollar a month into the game that would give you 5K peds to play with and say you got lucky, and got a nice HOF like a jackpot multiplier hit from either hunting, mining or crafting then you might decide to withdraw it.

Well if you think rogue casinos who delay your withdraws for 1 or 2 week is bad, wait until you hear how long it takes MA to process withdraws LOL. It takes MA currently 53 business days to approve and process a withdraw on average. Mostly longer than that but 53 days is the average. There is a forum that has a thread that people post there withdraw times in so we get very accurate data from it........ But that is not all. So say you withdraw 10,000 peds which would be 1K USD MA would take 2.5% from that as a fee. And then once MA have taken there fee and share of it and send the money via bank wire to your bank which is the only method available too. Then your own bank depending which country you are in will or might charge a exchange rate conversion fee too. So you get hit twice or in some cases 3 times. Because MA are based in Sweden. So they will send the money in Euros. So in some cases it can end up being converted 2 times and you being charged twice for conversion for it.

But also they did used to have PayPal as a deposit and withdraw option a few years ago too, they only had it for about a year, until PayPal pulled the plug and saw how bad MA is as a company that they did not want to allow MA to continue allowing players to use it to deposit and withdraw with.

So then you might be asking......... WHY AM I PLAYING IT AGAIN? LOL - Well I dunno why, cos I am kinda in a bad place again and it is just escapism and I did usually just turn to slots. But EU I can make my money last longer than I can playing slots any day anyway lol. So at least there is a few positives to be had from it.

But EU could have been such a great game if MA was a better company and the fact they are now going to be moving onto UE5 and getting listed on the Epic Games Store page. It will bring in a influx of new players. EU is and always has been a free to play game but it is in essence a pay to play game. I mean you can play the game without ever depositing. But it can take months and months of very very hard work trying to build up a nice ped card from the free activities in the game. There is a few, one is called sweating. Then there is Fruit picking from the ground. Just walk around all over the planets and you might find fruit and stones on the ground you can pick up and then sell etc.

But that is slow and time consuming. It is better to just deposit.

I have deposited a lot in the game over the years but I am in no way a big depositor, I am probably a mid level depositor compared to others. some depo 1K USD a month or more. Ubers well they deposit thousands and thousands per month..........

But If MA got bought and MA got totally overhauled and made to be so much better than it is now then the game would improve. But I do not ever see MA selling.

Oh and then comes more shady stuff that MA do. So in the game there is terminals you can use, like Trade Terminal and Repair Terminal. Pretty self explanatory. But basically sometimes if you have not protected your items you can make the mistake of TT'ing a valuable item that has nice MU and lose it. Then if you create a support ticket with MA support and ask them to return it and it was a mistake. MA charge 1K peds which is 100 USD. So if that item was worth 100ped TT + 500ped in MU = Mark Up then you would not bother paying the 1K peds to get it returned. But if the item you TT'ed was worth 4K peds for example, then you have to pay MA to get it back.

So that is just another example of why MA is a scammer rogue joke of a company.

Anyway I am so sorry for the crazy long story of a thread haha. I did not have any intention on making it this long but as I was typing and typing trying to explain things, it obviously gets longer and longer then I think of other things to add too haha which makes it longer.

But the blunt of the matter is yeah I lost interest in gambling on slots the last few months because I am blowing most of my money in EU again. LOL so yeah

Also again I want to just say that I am really missing you Dan RIP my friend...... I just get reminded of him all the time because also my brother is called Dan too and when I did play at 3dice the other day using my loyalty match I played his fav game in his memory too. So I will just constantly be getting reminded of him :(

Anyway if anyone else has ever heard of this game or actually have played it or still does play it, feel free to reply and post about it :)
Lots of good MMOs knocking about on PC as you'd expect, as it's the ideal platform, unlike console ports.

One only has to cast a glance at the burning, rancid pit that is World of Warcraft, where Blizzard are churning out menial updates whilst bringing nothing new to the table. Hence, they'll have their 'core' base of paying fanatics that will follow the series no matter what, and nothing ever improves, not to mention the very slow patches etc.

I realized a while ago that there's just too many in- depth simulation-ey/ RPG/ MMO games out there that require several lifetimes to dedicate countless hours towards, like gimped time-sinks from hell.

And anyway, I'm investing everything I own into the Metaverse. I've got my eye on buying that golf course before the soy latte gang snipe it from me :mad:
I ground my way to Diamond camos for 3 gun classes on Call Of Duty Vanguard. It's taken 2.5 months of playing solidly every day in my spare time, and had to ditch Netflix. Just finished the last SMG on Wednesday.

Ok it's not an RPG but that's when I realized that there are just not enough hours in the day to game. The last major time loss before that was finishing Skyrim plus all side quests on PS5 with the 60fps mod on. That was about 300 hours.

I probably should do something else.
I admire your digital dedication. Isn't Battlefield CoD's 'rival' as it were? Though I hear this year's incarnation is somewhat ropey.

I stopped playing Single- Player games years ago, despite my own protestations, and find online competitive play much more fun and flexible in many ways, like feudal brutality in For Honor, which is a skilful and punishing game.

This is why I don't play for unlocking achievements or any of that, I just play to beat up French teenagers đź‘Ś

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