I am back to streaming me playing games (NOT CASINOS)


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Jun 6, 2013
RJVille UK
Hi everyone,

As you know I have been absent from the forum. Like I said, I have still not gambled now for around 7 months, because I decided I no longer want to gamble and I went back to full time gaming in a game called Entropia Universe, in the last week I also decided to start streaming on twitch again too.

So I just wanted to let you all know so if you ever wanted to come check me out on twitch you can.

All I ask is that you do not come and be nasty and be a troll. Otherwise you will be dealt with. I was reluctant to post on this forum that I was streaming again in case it brought the trolls over to me etc. But I decided I want to try boost my viewers etc so I thought I should probably make a thread on CM about it.

So I am only streaming me playing games, (NOT CASINOS) as I have quit gambling.....

My twitch is:
My discord server is:
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- I am also doing Nitro Classic giveaways in my server too etc. So I hope you can join etc.

Thanks all and I hope you are all doing good.

Good for you that you're only gaming! I'll have a look at your Twitch channel to see what it's all about.
Thread title changed to clarify the context, apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Good for you that you're only gaming! I'll have a look at your Twitch channel to see what it's all about.

Thanks much appreciated.

I unlocked affiliate the other day too and already got 4 subs and a few cheers too. :)

@maxd - Thanks and sorry if I did the wrong title

Just wanted to say, I have now got my second monitor set up again and switched back to OBS. When I came back to streaming I was just using Twitch Studio etc. I have also bought some nice graphics for my brand etc and custom emotes too.

I have just had a few days break because I was streaming every day since I started again 2 and a half weeks ago. So I needed some me time. Just binge watched Stranger Things Season 4 part 1......... "Must watch" it seriously is a great show, highly recommend that you all should watch it.... cant wait for season 4 part 2 to drop on July 1st now.

Anyway, I will be back streaming tonight, I hope some can come drop by and watch me play my game and say hi in chat etc.

I am doing really well so far, since I unlocked affiliate, I have had 11 subs and I am now at 450 followers. So yeah I am really enjoying streaming again, but only downside is it is costing me a shit tonne more in electric having the second monitor set up etc and the extra CPU/GPU usage on my electric too. (that and the fact the cost of living crisis and the price of gas and oil have also increased electricity prices substantially too is not helping matters)

Anyway take care all :)


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