Streamers aka Bad Con Artists


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Apr 25, 2021
Good day/night, everybody!

Yeah, I am new to this site, but I have always enjoyed reading and "spying" on others...
By the way, I am a veteran gambler, just to notice. Also, please accept my apologies for any errors I may have made because English is not my first language.

Con artists are usually imprisoned if they are caught, right?!

I am a human being who cannot simply tolerate nonsense, particularly when I was in the affiliate industry, and I have been a gambler since my teen years until today. You must have idea where I'm going, yeah?

So, because I am not an ex-homless person from Sweden who has become a crypto-casino gambler overlord who can afford 100000 EUR deposits in 24 hours while spining Book of Shadows 1000 eur spins with black hat, and also i am not driving EyeZblinded South Africa's miracle wheels, until i use CSGO websites crypto-aimbots...i decided to do this:

"When you touch them lightly about issue, they always respond as if they have been shot and are in extrem mortal pain".

Starting today, whenever I can and whenever I want, I will begin streaming gambling sessions with FUN MONEY (caps lock will be NOTED in title). No con artists, no scams, no 295681$ bonus buys... If I EVER turn stream to real money gambling, it will be NOTED in the title with CAPS LOCK, and it will most likely be between 0.1 and max of 1 EUR/USD. The FUN MONEY moment will always be ON, causing people to READ it easily, but this real play can come in play when they are ALL banned or whatever legal action is taken against them. I have holly gamble MISSION!

I can't stand stupid in people in general, whether in person or online; indeed, I have a problem with it, i know. :)

I WILL NOT advertise (i can whisper/pm/dm if someone wants, but nothing public!) the stream here or anywhere else; the point is to see how dumb people can be on their own. Consider it an social experiment.

I'm posting this to see if anyone else has any suggestions on how to develop this stream experiment concept, and you can probably delete this thread after a few days (spy things).

Thank you in advance for your cooperation! :)

Just drop some ideas.

Bonus EDIT: One of the 1 mil spin bois live on twitch saying: I can't get how dealer/house has the edge? What you saying? (remember, his bonus buys are 25000+, and he is "gambler" who can't get it how house has the edge...)
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Well that was unexpected.
Streamers are assholes but wait... plot twist you will stream also but mainly fun money. And you’re an affiliate. Or you were. I am not judging but...

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