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Okay, here's a (new?) Microgaming casino. Has anyone ever heard of them before? Or know anything about them? I checked out the website fairly well, but couldn't see a link for an affiliate company even. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Strangest thing! On their homepage that you linked, they have 2 slots spinning away. One of them is a Playtech game. WTF is up with that?
OMG Tim, you're right!! I never even noticed that. The bottom slot is...what's the name? Truck Stop or something like that? But the top one is Fruit something, and it's definitely Playtech. This is too weird.

I'm almost tempted to download the silly thing just to see what it downloads as...... I'm always hesitant to d/l anything I'm not sure of though.
I thought I'd see what they had to say, they had a live chat feature which is nice. Notice how the CS rep said the management had years of experience? Is anyone else as curious as I am as to who the management is? And they say they have applied for an ECogra seal, will keep an eye on this one.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Jean'
you: Hi, I just came across your casino and was wondering if it is new? Hi Jean.
you: Or are you affiliated with any group of casinos? And would you know who handles your affiliate marketing?
Jean: Hi, the brand is new, although the management has had many years in the online casino business. Currently there is no formal affiliate software. This is expected to be completed by end of Mar 06. It was preferred to have the software working very well, rather than offer it now and have problems.
you: I see, and can you tell me where you are based out of? And have you applied for an ECogra seal? Or do you have access to that info? Thank you Jean.
Jean: I don't have all the info. We are in talks with Ecogra. There is aprocess to go through before being able to say that we have the Ecogra seal. Our call centre is in South Africa.
you: oh really? excellent. One more thing Jean, and you have been most helpful
you: On your homepage...there are pics of two spinning is Truck Stop I believe
you: but the other one is what I am sure is a Playtech software game
you: I think that whoever was responsible for building your website made an error?
Jean: Unfortunately I don't know about this. I will pass the query onto management and have an answer for you if you would leave an email address. I do know that the web site was outsourced to an independent third party, but has and is currently being overhauled by internal developers. This information will be very useful.
you: okay good enough, it is It would be great if you could let me know about that. It doesn't look very good for a Micro casino to be showing a Playtech game on their homepage
you: Once I hear back from you guys, I will definitely consider opening an account and giving you a try.
Jean: We will definitely get back to you. We hope to have you with us in the future.
you: Jean, you have been most helpful.. have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Jean: You are welcome. Enjoy your day too.
you: Bye for now..
The MG game is 5-Reel Drive, and the Playtech game is Fruitmania. Funny something like that could slip by.
OMG. Go to promotions, and click on the terms and conditions link. You'll end up on some weird philosophical/religious site... really bizarre.
JohnGalt said:
OMG. Go to promotions, and click on the terms and conditions link. You'll end up on some weird philosophical/religious site... really bizarre.

If you click on the "terms and conditions" link at the bottom of their main page, you can then click a link entitled "promotion terms and conditions". That link seems to be the correct one rather than the isis2000 one that pops up when you do what John talks about. :thumbsup:
This is interesting, and unfortunately the link to this operation doesn't seem to work for me.

However this phrase: "We are in talks with Ecogra. There is a process to go through before being able to say that we have the Ecogra seal." reminds me very much of a Windows Casino - Rising Star Gaming BS site that surfaced late last year making this claim but with no connection or even contact with eCOGRA.

I'll dig around a little more on this, too - post your findings on this, please everybody.
I've managed to access the site now, and it seems to be the real thing to me - it has all the usual Microgaming bells and whistles found on one of their "big" sites and other than the observations here about the home page displaying graphics from another software provider all the games on preview look right to me (correct me if I am wrong)

That is puzzling, alright because I'm pretty sure no Microgaming site developer would need to use someone else's graphics - they have more than enough of their own, and this site is carrying something like 180 games!

ECOGRA is mentioned as the inspiration for their Responsible Gaming policy, and taking that with the Casino Rep's conversation with Pinababy I guess it's possible that they have an application in for inspection and checks for a Play It Safe seal.

Nevertheless, I'll check this out to ensure its authenticity.
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Well, they did get back to me as promised. That is a good sign that at least the channels of communication are working. Funny Jetset how they used your words almost a Micro casino would hardly need to use imagery from another software. And I didn't even notice the T & C's link...I was tired last night.

----- Original Message -----
From: Villento Support
Sent: Sunday, February 05, 2006 7:15 AM
Subject: Feedback

Hi Pinababy69

Earlier you had communication on live chat with one of my colleagues at Villento Las Vegas. You raised some crucial matters which were passed directly onto management. We wish to thank you for taking the time to give us the feedback you did, it is with this kind of feedback that an online operation is able to improve its level of service and product offering.

The management of Villento Las Vegas takes responsibility for the professionalism of the web site development and the manner in which the brand Villento is projected. When the product is shown in areas to be below acceptable standards, it is treated very seriously.

It is because of this that the web developers were urgently called in to rectify;

The incorrect promotions, and terms and conditions links, and
The serious error of having displayed another software providers software imagery.
In the first instance this was an oversight of the quality checking process. In the second instance we had outsourced the web site development and, well, it is best that we do not pass off blame, except to say that our in-house developers would not have needed to use imagery from another software provider, when Microgaming has some of the best imagery available.

Once again we thank you for your contribution to rectifying these matters, and we hope that sometime in the future you do indeed try out Villento Las Vegas. We are passionate about your gaming experience.

Kind regards

Interesting observation Grandmaster....the website and live chat reminded me somewhat of Fortune Lounge, which is why I asked them if they were "affiliated" with any existing casino group. Will be interesting to watch this one, and to see what Jetset digs up on them. If their affiliate program is indeed in place by end of March '06, it will be interesting to see if it is Fortune Affiliates.

Edited to add: the first purchase bonus also has a code that you use to claim...VLVF or something similar to that. That is also reminiscent of Fortune Lounge casinos.
GrandMaster said:
FWIW, the T&C look very much like the typical Fortune Lounge T&C.

I agree, for the most part, except that most Fortune Lounge casinos allow blackjack to account for 20% of play towards meeting the wagering requirements.

From Villento Las Vegas:

Wagering on Roulette, Craps, Black Jack, Video Poker, Baccarat, Sic Bo and Red Dog, do not count in respect of wagering requirements.

Not that this is "make-or-break" proof, just an observation of one difference. :thumbsup:

P.S. And I stand corrected after seeing spear's latest post below. :oops:
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:lolup: :lolup: :lolup: :lolup:
how can you put a game from another software on your site, thats like Nike selling Adidas products

amazing how idiotic some people can be and they call casino a professional joint:eek:
liquidsoap said:
:lolup: :lolup: :lolup: :lolup:
how can you put a game from another software on your site, thats like Nike selling Adidas products

amazing how idiotic some people can be and they call casino a professional joint:eek:

At least they fixed it in a hurry. I think they owe me about $500.00 in credits for spotting that.
I don't want to throw the thread entirely off track ... but why do casino groups do this? I mean there are already, what?, something like eight or nine Fortune Lounge casinos. Why on earth would they want or need another?
Whoa - these guys are fast, and over a weekend too!

I haven't yet had a response to my enquiries, but I didn't really expect one over the weekend anyway. Looks as if these guys were monitoring the forum, or acted immediately on Pinababy's livechat which is always a good sign imo.

My gut feel is that this looks like another Fortune Lounge brand, but I've been wrong before.

I agree - they should comp the eagle eyed Pinababy and Tim5ny for picking up what looks like sloppy outsourced work.
My gut feel was wrong. Fortune Lounge management assure me this is not a new brand belonging to them.

Back to the drawing board!
Are you going to do some more digging Jetset? If it is indeed true that the management has "years" of experience in the online casino industry, someone must know who they are, lol.

Based in South Africa? Any other Micro groups based out of there? I know Roxy Affiliates is in South Africa, but not sure about the casino itself...and I highly doubt it's them. The majority of the staff and management of Grand Prive come from South Africa originally (or they did before), but I don't see them opening another casino...they can't run the ones they have.

Keep me updated Jetset, if you find out anything.

And yes, I found them to act very quickly.....lines of communication open is a very good sign to me. And Tim deserves the credit for spotting the original error, I just did the "legwork", lol. Hey Tim, maybe if we open an account there will be money waiting in it for us? LOL....
their t&cs appear to have been 'borrowed' from Fortune Lounge at any rate.

Compare & contrast

Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
Old / Expired Link

Also their payment provider is Proc Cyber, used by Fortune Lounge and others
This is definitely not owned by FL group, although there are some historical connections.

The new operator has wide experience within FL and is going on his own. He is highly regarded as a professional and smart senior exec in the field and the consensus appears to be that he will do this well and successfully.
Thank you Jetset!! I've just opened an account this afternoon, and based on what you've just said, I will probably make a deposit and give them a spin next week.....just waiting for some aff payments to hit my Payspark. Thanks again for getting us the "goods".
I received the first spam from this casino. The sender's IP address corresponds to one of the many villento domains registered by Goldridge Solutions Ltd. I wonder where they got my e-mail address from.

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