Victor Chandler EXPANDED wow!


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I remember signing up on victorchandler poker and back then all they had was the poker,then came the sportsbook now casino and live casino and more...Seems VC(victor chandler) Is doing ok but I have not yet seen one single post here about them.

Their new page looks phenomenal compared to the old one could someone please let me know if there is any problem regarding


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Speaking as a player, all I really know is that the casino uses Chartwell and as far as slots go they are the worst on the web. Well, Orbis slots give them a run for their money. I seem to remember someone rating one of their BJ games as having very good odds though once, but a long time back.

Speaking as an affiliate they've never been that active in promoting the casino side. Dribs and drabs every now and again, but as a result their casino exposure on the web is quite low. Although their poker product gets a reasonable level of exposure - but not an area I know a lot about.

The fact you haven't seen a post about them should probably be taken as a good sign. It's very rare to see a complaint levelled at them because they run a tight ship, and while they might fall short in the incentives department, as far as reputation goes, it's difficult to fault them.

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