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hob nob

Dormant account
Mar 3, 2007
Guildford, UK
Day 1: Download and install UltimateBet Poker client, fund account. Play a few hours. Note: no big wins or losses (I believe ended session up $100 or so)

Day 2: Try to log in. Receive following error:

"Invalid Player Name: Please Try Again"

I have tried reinstalling the client, a different combination of usernames and passwords (which do not replicate this message), but to no avail.

Of course, their email only customer support has not responded in 3 days.

What should I do?

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Use the contact form on UB's website and make sure to write "URGENT" or anything else that catches the eye in the subject line. I think this is your best bet here, good luck.
UB's support is pretty much worthless. I spent two weeks trying to get a straight answer from them; and when I did, it was very apparent that they didn't even read my email to begin with. I finally told them to close my account, and never looked back.

Good luck!


Go to the cashier, then go to the deposit page. Once you're there, click on the western union option. Their phone number will be at the bottom of the page that comes up.
i have found their support to be pretty helpful although this has generally been playing issues (inapropriate language, cheating etc) rather than $$. Although there was also issues of a cashout nature that i contacted them with.

Most likely situation is that you have forgotten or are misstyping your log in details. 3 days is not long in poker time so be polite and patient and you should get a positive outcome from them. Just remember to try to see things from their perspective, be patient and yet also persistant

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