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Mar 17, 2003
My goodness... look at the player's logs.

Hand 35396054-785 begins.
bellezaunica is in seat 1 with $122.50.
aodat2 is in seat 4 with $1,610.40.
    aodat2 bets $200.
    aodat2 bets $200.
    aodat2 bets $200.
    aodat2 bets $200.
    aodat2 bets $200.
    aodat2 bets $200.

Dealing cards:
    aodat2: Ac Ks.
    The dealer shows 9c.

aodat2 (Ac Ks) has blackjack.

bellezaunica ends hand with $122.50.
aodat2 ends hand with $910.40.

Now, I'm not going to point out the details of what's wrong. This is totally taken from the Player's Log. Can you spot why you should actually STAY FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR away from BET21.COM???

If I had a say, I'd tell EVERYONE never to play there. Not until something is done here.

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Just FYI, they said that I only bet $200 for this hand and was paid accordingly.

The extra that I bet has been returned to my account.

I'd so totally advice EVERYONE to not play here at all until they know what they are doing and what they are talking about.
Just an update.

Steve (the Casino Manager) finally emailed me and said that this is a glitch in their software and that they only accept $200 bets at max. But since this is their software glitch and they accepted a bet of $1200, shouldn't they pay me what I should get?

Hope you guys could advice on what I should do next.

Thanks guys!

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