Midaur Casino wont void blackjack software malfunction


My issues is that there was a technical issue with 2 rounds of blackjack I played at Midaur Casino, I played 3 £50 bets for each of the two rounds. The issue meant that I could not see that hands dealt therefore did not know whether to hit/stand.

I deposited £450 and through slots and blackjack had got up to around £800. I withdrew £600 and decided to play a few higher rate blackjacks with the £200 left.

I was using my Samsung mobile and opened up Blackjack Perfect Pairs which is multi hand and placed the first bet of 3 £50 bets for the first round. This is where the issues started. Instead of the cards being dealt to the 3 hands all the cards where dealt in one pile to the right hand, I have never seen any malfunction before and just clicked ‘STAND’ and rebet thinking it just needed to refresh as the game had not loaded properly and would right itself however the same thing happened

Then I noticed that the bank balance had gone from £200 down to £50! The hands had played out even though I had not seen the cards dealt!

I contacted support who said they had tested it and it was not possible to play multi hand on Blackjack Perfect Pairs on a phone/android, it would only be single handed. However, this was not accurate, you can use a phone to play 3 hands and I sent the screen shot to prove it. Then I got a reply to say I had edited it!

I sent loads more screenshots to prove this point and also show the malfunction that if you play with a mobile in 3 hand mode in full screen the cards are not dealt correctly.

They finally agreed to send the issue and my screen shots to their game developers. They got back to me to say that...

‘Scietific Games Digital Operators checked both your game rounds with their end game replay detail and found no evidence of an issue here. Both rounds completed with no issue whatsoever’

There is clearly an issue. 1) It permits 3 hands being played with mobile, not just one, contrary to what casino believes. 2) dependent on the screen rotation and using a mobile the cards are not dealt properly and just piled up so the player cannot see the cards dealt.

What is more, yesterday they removed Blackjack Perfect Pairs from their site!!! Of course, there is an issue!

However, they won't void the two malfunctioned rounds I played so I am £150 down.

So far, I have wasted more time in sorting screen shots and sending emails to resolve their issue than I ever have playing their casino.

Not a happy customer...


Just had an email from Midaur saying they had refunded £150 to my card but also suspended my account while they investigate.

Good enough for now. Though this hads been too much effort to sort out.


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As you are in the UK, you can complain to their ADR, who should be listed on their site. Since they claim it is impossible to play multi hand on a phone, it should have been equally impossible for you to have lost that £150. They should have information at their end about the device you used, and this should prove that you did play what was supposed to be an unavailable game, which in itself is a "technical malfunction". Their end will of course show no issues with the game round as the issue is not with the gaming itself, it is with their app allowing a game that it can't properly handle when it should have blocked it.

You could also try the PAB service here, however many UK licenced casinos will rebuff a PAB and insist the player use the proper UK channels. You can send Max a PM to ask whether or not it's worth trying PAB as a UK player for this casino as it could save you considerable time and effort filling in the PAB form if it can't actually be processed.

PAB = Pitch A Bitch - top bar on forum, 6th one along (Home, forum rules, ........., Submit PAB, .......)

Max = MaxD - PAB manager

It is inconsistent because we often see casinos "playing the software malfunction card" when THEY lose heavily on a game they feel they shouldn't have.

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Just had an email from Midaur saying they had refunded £150 to my card but also suspended my account while they investigate.

Good enough for now. Though this hads been too much effort to sort out.
Are you read terms and condition before play or before registration?)