UKGC Provide Clarity on use of Non Approved ADRs


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Jan 20, 2004
Good bit of news from the UKGC:
With a spokesperson from the Gambling Commission informing The Pogg that: Neither the LCCP nor any associated guidance requires a licensee to ignore a dispute advanced by a method other than an approved ADR provider.”

“The LCCP just gives the consumer the right to use an approved ADR provider if that’s what they want.”

This comment direct from the Gambling Commission, confirms that UKGC licensed operators can and are therefore not forbidden as per terms of their license, to be able to liaise with Non UKGC Approved ADRs.

This makes it official: any UKGC licencee that refuses to accept player complaints from non-approved ADRs -- like us for instance -- are doing it because they want to not because there is anything compelling them to do so.

See more here: UKGC Provide Clarity on use of Non Approved ADRs
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