True Story of my Job in an Offshore Internet Casino


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May 24, 2006
We have all wondered from time to time if we can really trust internet casinos. The answer is probably different for each company. Read my story about my job in an offshore internet casino for an inside perspective. Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
Isnt there already a thread about this? (very interesting though even reading for the 2nd time, lol).

This seems like Carl is spamming forums...

He might have forgotten about the meister's site.

You are really determined to give as much crap to this casino as you can right???

I wouldn't do that... careful
Sorry lumiouscarl, but I find your story hard to believe. I don't want to disparage you in any way, but it really seems far fetched that these multi-millionaires would let just anyone into their inner circle just because you speak english. I'm afraid that it sounds like fiction, albeit an interesting story. Why would these "gangsters" take a wide eyed, naive boy from Oklahoma into their "shady" operation just because you speak the language?!?
Come clean, you have a beef with these guys (deserved or otherwise), and you came up with a very creative way to vent!! Sound right??? How many ripoff artists do you know that bring total strangers into their game? Doesn't make sense does it? I just don't believe you, sorry.
pacers31 said:
How many ripoff artists do you know that bring total strangers into their game? Doesn't make sense does it? I just don't believe you, sorry.

:what: How many ripoff artists do you know? Sounds like you have some interesting stories of your own. Do you have a blog too?
O.K. soflat, you are free to believe what you want. It defies logic that these casino entities would come and get this poor naive boy from Oklahoma to work for them in central america. He also states that he was recruited by them. You play online, how often have you been recruited by the sites you play?? By the way, I don't know any ripoff artists at present, I'm just lucid enough to smell bullshit when it hits my nose!!
I'm sorry, he doesn't say that he was actually recruited by the casino, he answered one of their recruiting ads. My bad!
Pacers, what he posted is mostly true, but must be taken with a grain of salt. Firstly this was like 5 years ago when online casinos were just taking off. I am sure there are still bodies burried in the Vegas dessert from their start up days. Secondly, people tend to take things out of porportion. If I told you that I was sure you would win on your next deposit, does that mean that I have rigged the game or gauranteed a win? If you called me on it I would say " I did not say you would win every hand, you should have cashed out after that first win", see I was right you won. It is sad, but it is salesmanship.
Also, as stated before and people are seeing here, Carl does have some alterior motives with his posts. Plus what a hypocrite if he felt this was so wrong to wait 5 years before posting.
either true or fake

this story is interesting enough to be worth of being repeated.
1st time readers will most probably agree, indepedently of their evaluation.

(After all, earth is the money's kingdom and such stories may really happen)
All very true...

All these comments have been already discussed in a recent thread..

Anyways that story is 90% true ... the only parts that way exagerated is the way of life in San Jose. It is a shit hole, I've been living here for a long time and can't wait to get out of here. But is not as bad as he says... Is quite nice leaving in Costa Rica... better if you can live somewhere else than San Jose...

The statements Carl is so focused on publishing are almost 100% true. I realldy don't understand what happened to him to be in such an urge to bring them crap. Their business sucks, that is 100% true. Never the less I dunno what is his intention, all experienced gamblers know that their operation is not one to be trusted.
Well, o.k. guys, I'll take your word for it. Just reads like a cheap dime store novel if you know what I mean. I will take it with a very (very) large grain of salt!! Seems you're right Watchdog, Costa Rica is the shit hole of the online gaming world. Probably a beautiful place to visit first hand, but a place to be avoided online.

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