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Apr 24, 2004
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This little dude is really starting to PI$$ me off here!! :mad: :sob:

In the new game "Fixer-Upper" that Rival just released, this little bastard pops out on the screen every time you get as few as 2 of his symbols and will stay there thru at least 2 more spins! :sniper:

When I get a decent hit I have to wait at least 7-8 seconds for the little bastard to disappear so I can just see what the hell it is that I just hit! :axeman2:

Max, is this or is this not, worthy of a PAB issue..:D

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Max, is this or is this not, worthy of a PAB issue..:D

Umm ... no.

Please read the Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ wherein you'll find the following:
Please be advised that "annoying feature" is considered a player error insofar as if the game has an "annoying feature" and you are still playing it then you are in error. :p

PABs on such issues will be printed out and then used to line the cat-box. Updates will be available from users thereof.
I played $200-$300 in Fun Mode just to see what it was like...never did get the free spins just the other bonus round. That little guy though is the most irritating:axeman: and I wanted to choke him!!! :D

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