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Nov 10, 2004
some slightly odd things happening here,

Anyway, I deposited 49 (was trying to do 50, but it cost 1 in charges).
I didn't get the bonus (50 minimum), so played anyway, and lost my 49 in about 4 minutes.
I enquired about redepositing to get the bonus, and they made an exception and awarded me the bonus anyway (but only after giving me two completely different reasons for not getting it in the first place).

Sounds good so far....

The next time I tried to login, I couldn't.

After 3 unanswered emails over the course of a week, I finally got a reply:-
'Thank you for your e-mail.
Your account have been closed by our financial department and will not be
re-opened again.
Best regards,
Your support team at'

I have asked why it was closed, and what happens to the bonus that they generously gave me, but it's now the best part of a week again without any reply.

I don't really care about the bonus (it probably wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes anyway), but this level of customer service is way below what I consider to be acceptable.
There is a warning about this casino in the thread about Wager Works software. The thread is in the Online Casinos forum.

this is not wagerworks software, this is chartwell software, I am not aware if any problems with Wagerworks software at all!
This company tend to play around and close accounts for no apparent reason, but do pay out after a bit of chasing anything that has been requested for a withdrawal!
It's definitely Chartwell software (they tend to take a strictly hands-off approach to player complaints)

The conduct reported here is not what one expects from a Gibraltar-licensed company. We're testing their Support now (it's not exactly easily contactable - one of those irritating on-site panels)
This is interesting. The attempt to communicate through the site described above has bounced back from "" and judging by the form it went from the croupier site to ""

So there would appear to be some sort of connection with the giant sportsbook and casino group Bet And Win, which is a public company in Vienna.

Using subsidiary BAW International, they've just soft-launched their Gibraltar-licenced new Boss and Chartwell powered casino and one of the managers I believe is Thorsten Hillebrecht...late of Global Player and (very briefly) Kiss. Thorsten seems to be a straight arrow and may be able to exert a little influence on these folks to improve their attitude.
Trying to contact them is an interesting challenge! The general consensus is that "" is the best bet.

What seems to have happened is:

They have bonus terms out of line with other casinos (a 5 x bonus wr with no games disallowed), although the way the software behaves still gives them a fighting chance.

This was mentioned on one or two forums (take a bow uungy :notworthy) & must have led to an influx of new players. Other Chartwell casinos are perfectly reliable, so there was no reason to suspect any trouble.

In panic or incompetence instead of changing the bonus terms or adding some other restrictions they hit on the brilliant idea of closing the account of almost everyone who played there (despite the fact that there's just a sign-up bonus, so banning players only reduces their chances of recouping any losses from the bonus). This, presumably, led to a high traffic in e-mails and complaints (especially as they didn't bother to inform players), so that even if the casino wanted to reply in a reputable manner they'd probably struggle - not that they've shown any evidence of wanting to be a reputable operation.

Now there are a lot of players writing e-mails that remain unanswered, & every now and again they'll actually pay someone. Not a strong candidate for 'Casino of the Year' :p
I also used to think that Chartwell casinos were a safe place to play, however after my experience with Tropical Garden Casino (see thread below) and the going on with this one they obviously aren't to be trusted.

From what I've heard Chartwell aren't keen to get involved with their licensees, which is a no-no for me.

Better off at RTGs - at least you've got Montana to mediate if any problems occur.
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Dirk Diggler said:
From what I've heard Chartwell aren't keen to get involved with their licensees, which is a no-no for me.
This is their policy, and both Jetset and I have spoken to them about this. But they are convinced that they are only the software provider, and they have no business getting involved with player issues. Their grounds for this are that they feel their clients are top notch and are usually public companies, they are trusted merely because of this.

And then two years ago, a group of lawyers who were their licensees for some Caribbean named casino (slips my mind at the moment) disappeared leaving one player owed $2500 or so.
Chartwell have had several failures over the years and in every case in which I was involved in trying to assist stiffed players they simply ignored any attempt to communicate and assist.

As the 'Meister says, we have spoken to various top people from this company at international shows, trying to convince them of the error of their ways, but they remain adamant that they are strictly "hands off"

That's an archaic approach that doesn't wash today, and with their push into the European market and jurisdictions I believe it will only be a matter of time before they, like RTG have to abandon this "none of our business" attitude. If they do not start behaving in a responsible manner they will be left behind in an increasingly competitive business with smarter players.
Hello Jetset,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I checked on this case and there were sufficient security reasons. Customer support had no other option than to close bic_mac's account immediately.

Having talked to the people who dealt with this case I have to object that this decision shows "an attitude". I would have barred him also due to irregularities in his financial record.

Best regards

I don't know anything about big_mac's case but it's ridiculous to suggest you're only closing accounts you have any justifiable 'security' reasons to close. My account was closed when I'd deposited, played a little beyond the wagering requirements for the bonus, made 2 euros profit & withdrawn.

I don't have any other accounts with your company & I know that the vast majority of people you're banning don't either.

So perhaps you'd like to tell us what you're up to?
I said nothing about "an attitude", I don't know where you got that from.

I complained that I have no idea why my account was closed, and I do not get replies to emails.
Is that so unreasonable?
Perhaps you would like to share the 'irregularities in his financial record' with me? Because I can't even imagine what they might be!
BAW, frankly I'd rather not. I've received payment and don't wish to have any more contact with your casino or related entities.

I know from other message boards that almost every player who's signed up to your casino recently has been banned. Maybe among all of those there might be one or two you could have some sort of justified suspicion about, but the vast majority were banned for absolutely no reason. I didn't receive a single response to one of my 5 or 6 e-mails until eventually receiving the one line: "the remaining balance of EUR xxxx has been paid out today". This also seems to be completely standard practice.

I'd give you my details if this was an isolated issue, or unresolved, but I suggest you instead examine your normal procedures.
Thorsten, you've proved in the past that you are a straight guy, so I'll spend a bit more time on this in the hope that you can bring some influence to bear on your colleagues.

I know that you are an experienced casino manager, so please do not think I am trying to teach my grandmother to suck eggs...this is meant to be constructive criticism to an important European gambling group that should be doing better than this...and banning players willy-nilly is an expensive way of doing business these days.

First off, any casino that ignores player emails soon gets a bad reputation, and we have evidence here that suggests that your guys are doing that.

Then, we have only your word that these cases are genuine bannings for bona fide reasons. Usually, if a casino wants to convince players that they have done things right they use a mutually respected online gambling personality like the 'Meister or Spearmaster who verifies the information in confidence and then comes back to the players and (without disclosure) assures them that it is righteous.

Players are now suspicious of your casino, and the word will spread fast. It is worth your while to attend to these apparent shortcomings and look within your organisation in case there is an over-zealous paring going on that could bring your casino to its knees.
I would join the 'Meister in urging any complainants to Pitch a Bitch.

The casino management has agreed to work with Bryan as an independent third party, and thoroughly investigate all complaints to ensure they have not been throwing any babies out with the bathwater.
Ok, I've pitched a bitch :D I hope they can sort out their customer service - and perhaps explain the rationale for banning players faster than any casino in living memory.

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