The Biggest Horse Racing Burn in my Life


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Mar 31, 2009
The Biggest Horse Racing Burn in my Life happened at Calder on May 15 race 10
I saw that the 1 (Paizano )horse had over 100,000 dollars to show. One of the things I look for in a race. That means that if the 1 horse doesn't show up 1st, 2nd or 3rd that show money will be huge. Well, the 1 horse went off at 1-9 (or there about) so I put 5 to show on the 6 (Numb Lips) and 5 to show on the 2 (Smoking the Field). The 1 horse was wayyy in front when it broke down - it was out of the race. it came in

4 Rickyontherun - 23.40 10.60 36.00
6 Numb Lips - 7.00 42.00
2 Smoking the Field - 43.00

So I got my show money (212.50 for 2 - 5 dollar bets to show)
If I add things up Correctly (or at least closely) the Tri should pay 6923.00 So I'm having a bit of a freakout thinking I might have just won a massive TRI.
SO I'm thinking the Tri is going to be huge (I mean HUGE) but it only paid 369.00. I was pissed (I'm also greedy when it comes to horse racing). SO I bought a couple of beers (more than a couple) and bought a couple of steaks to take home and BBQ.
But that's horse racing.
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Jan 30, 2007
Texas, USA
I can top you. Several years ago, I played Pick 6 at Hollywood Park. Pool was 500,000+. I hit 5 out of 6. Got paid, wait for it, $50. $50 dollars! :D I just knew it would be $1000 or better. But no, $50.

But turned around again played Pick 6 at Hollywood. Spent $2, so that's one horse per race. Hit 5 of 6 and won a cool $1200+.

Luck is luck no matter what game of chance is your choice. :thumbsup:


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Sep 26, 2004
Yeah, that's racing. The show and tri pools are separate ones and as you said No.1 Horse actually had a huge plunge on it to show but that person might not have placed a single bet on the Tri with 1 as banker. I think that's why the Tri paid so little. The show odds were distorted.