The Road Home! (YEA RIGHT!)


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May 13, 2015
Hey All, This one is gonna make you cry.It does me that is for sure.
I recently went with my business partner to Vegas for a week of play and fun. Kind of a boy's week off. And there was a jeweler's convention that I was suppose to speak at.
The week was fine enough and there was lot'sa fun and play to be had by all. We had rented a motorhome for the trip and I rented a car while we were there.

My play was SAD!! On the first few days and I was bummed, but not lost! So I took a look at what was goin on and i decided to change to one of my least favorite games. Horse's YES I said it HORSE'S. I have a few friend's that own racehorse's and I knew they would be racing the week we were there.
So I took a load of my money to the best bookie's in Vegas and we started with a few pick's to win only. At $1,000.00 a race and some of the odd's were outstanding to say the least. I took $90,000.00 in cash and I had another $50,000.00 in reserve. So $140,000.00 to play with.

My 1'st few bet's were loser's and then I got a tip on a race out of Florida's Sarasota Down's. A 3 year old race at 6 furlong's and I bet the roof at $25,000.00 to win with 12 to 1 odd's. And I WON or should I say the horse won. And I fell out of my wheelchair and busted my ass. But that was nada compared to the BIG BIG win! At the 12 to one odd's I made a whopping $275,000.00 for the bet.
But the house took 3 percent for laying off the bet and paying me my winning's. Any way we left the next day for the long trip home. There was just us 2 and we took turn's driving this huge 40 foot winnie. And I must say with out my usual hand control's it was proofing to be tough.

But I held my own and I was driving late at night thru Louisiana and there was a set of blue light's in my rear view. SHIT! I knew it was gonna be a pain in the ass. I went to college at LSU and I know the cop's in that state are nasty, nasty, nasty. Depending on what perish you are in?
At any rate I have had a CWP for all of my life as a jeweler. Since I carry lot's of cash and precious jewel's also.And since I have been gambling for a living it is also a necessary evil.

I have been stopped a few times in my life without problem's but this was gonna be different I felt it.And as soon as the state trooper opened the door it started badly.He was a solid chinned deciple of justice for sure.He said he wanted to see my DL and I said sure,but I had to tell him of my CWP. And I did his demeanor changed instantly and I went from a man in a wheelchair to a witless criminal with no cares for his life? I guess?He wanted me and my partner out of the winnie and out in the rain.NO I said and that is when it started.

We went from 1 car to 6 in a heart beat and I was dragged from my seat and plopped down in my wheelchair in the rain. I tried to tell him of the cash in my briefcase and how it came to be there.But he was completely out of control and getting worse by the minute.A captain showed up and he was more easily talked to and had a understanding of the issue's that were coming up rapidly. My Glock was legal and the cash was not really a problem.But my partner had brought a bag of herb with and I had thought we had consumed all of it? WRONG!

They found a small amount with the aid a dog and off we went to the jail and a entire night of question and answer. We were charged with the herb and they put us both in jail with a $25,000.00 bond on both. And they stated that all of the cash was to be taken and my gun on top of it.Almost $400,000.00 in cash and I said WHOA NOW!

I love my country and I think we are the best. But the recent problem's with the killing's in Florida and the uproar of the public over the gun laws put a new twist on thing's as of late. So 5 day's in jail and we are out and I have to hire a lawyer to get my money and gun back with no success until we go to court. In 5 month's...... If it was not so sad I would laugh.

So in the long run this week was sent into the book's as one of if not the worst I have had to endure for some time. I would say it was our fault BUT it was not we were stopped because we had out of state tag's and they have had all kind's of drug runner's up and down the I-10 and we fit the profile.YEA RIGHT! So if we manage to get our property back and I get my cash back and if they drop all charges we will give it to the history book's?But I just don't think so. Peace Out! Out Of The Mist! shewoff
Oh shewoff that sucks, but I have to say it, all this going on and you were upset over your wife paying to play on Facebook? I hope things work out :)
Insane story - Hope you get it resolved soonest. It would seem that your Police Force are overzealous. I would hate to meet the fools you did on the road.

All the best !

:eek::eek: My god, what an awful story. But what right do the police have to confiscate your $400K? I sincerely hope you get it back. Please keep us updated. All the best.

Still can't get over it, such a huge win followed by such a terrible experience with the cops. :mad::(
Mouche12, It was the herb that caused the confiscation. No doubt I have heard some horror stories about the cop's in La. They have to use the cash and property to cover the high cost of military grade gun's,body armor etc. It seem's bizarre but I have heard these stories not only by mouth but the show 60 Minutes did a show on it.The only problem is that they got caught doing it by a nationally sindicated show.I will not be discouraged with this BS and I will prevail.Peace Out! Out Of The Mist! shewoff
Um, what? Do i understand this right? You were 5 days in jail because your friend had some Weed with him? And because of that they are allowed to take away your legal money and your legal gun?

Thats crazy! What year is it? I feel really sorry for you for having laws and officers like that. If that happenend to you here in germany they would have taken it and then you are free to go. Its then the decision of the prosecuting attorneys office and if its obvious you only had enough for yourself nothing happens.

I really hope you get your money and gun back.

edit: Oh and if a german cop would pull someone whos in a wheelchair out of his car, that surely would be his last day as an officer.
Yeah, good point about the wheelchair bowki.

Are you going to hire a lawyer shewoff to get your money back? Perhaps you can get something more out of it, after all the weed did not belong to you.
I'm not American but I'd think you could lso be looking at several charges/violations against the officer(s) such as unlawful seizure (assault may be a hard one if you resisted) but I'm sure your attorney could have a field day with this one based on your side.
Good point's by all here. But it is a due process that will allow me to recover my property and the cash. My lawyer has all ready told me he is not going to allow this to stand.And to all of you not in the states,if you are in the vehicle and no one cope's to the herb or whatever then all are charged. I truly did not think that there was any left?But if I need to I will spend all of my life's earning's to get this BS over-turned.

If I had known that it was such a small amount I would have taken the charge and walked away that next day.But we both felt that doing what they wanted was a sign of being weak and both of us are hardhead's when it comes to our right's.I freaked out about the winnie we had rented as they tried to get that also,but the company we got it from made it clear that the property was leased and they came and took it back.Along with the $1,500.00 deposit might I add.

And you actually see this kind of police action all of the time here in the states, big time in the south. The reason it took so long to get out of jail was it was the week-end and we had to wait for the judge to make hearing time and date.Jail did not bother me as much as the cash loss did. Life in the US is not always whiskey and honey for sure. Peace Out! Out Of The Mist! shewoff
come gamble here in Canada (Ontario) come July :)

Under the new federal legislation, people of legal age will be allowed to publicly possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis, or its equivalent in non-dried form.

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