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Jun 30, 1998
First Annual GIGSE Charity Sumo Wrestling Grudge Match
Wed., May 19, 4PM-5PM
Metro Toronto Convention Center

River City Group is planning a charity fund-raiser for Wednesday, May 19 (4PM-5PM) at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, Exhibit Hall C.

The proceeds of this years inaugural event will be designated for the U.K-based non-for-profit organization GamCare. GamCare has a commitment to promote responsible attitudes to gambling and to work for the provision of proper care for those who have been harmed by gambling dependency.
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Organizers River City Group have pledged a US$1,000 donation to kick off the charity event.

Sponsored by Golden Palace, the Sumo wrestling card will include 5 grudge matches between various I-gaming industry leaders who will use this forum to settle some rivalries. They will wear the rubber sumo wrestling costumes and compete in best of 3 match rounds for this charity event.

The fight card is still being developed, but current match-ups include:

-Sue Schneider (River City Group) vs. Sting (Gambling
-John Wallis (Sunny Group) vs. Jay Stubina (Mohawk Internet Technologies)

-Peter Kjaer (Dr. Ho) vs. Peter Bridge (Lasseters)
-Steve Ives (BetFair) vs. Michael Carlton (Victor Chandler)

-David Carruthers (Bet On Sports) vs. Cole Turner (Bo Dog)
-Bryan Bailey (CasinoMeister) vs. To Be Announced

All GIGSE attendees will be given play money for the event. At the end of the final match, the member of the audience with the most play money will win a free registration to GIGSE 05 in Montreal.

Alan Weinrib and Mark Blandford of will function as celebrity bookmakers so members of the audience can bet on their favorite to win.

Kevin Smith of River City Group will serve as the ring announcer and Keith Furlong of the Interactive Gaming Council will be the referee.
Sponsored by.

Golden Palace have cleared up all they owe?

I'll have soldier boy against them and ~B can give them a sponsored kicking..
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