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Jun 26, 2018
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Hi All,

Just some advice please...

I got back home after the England match last Tuesday and had an email invite from easyslots. As I was a little tipsy and slightly annoyed I deposited £30 on pay by mobile.

By some pure fluke (I didn't even remember it until later the next day) I won £400 without even touching my bonus.

The next day I tried to withdraw this and this started a most bizarre and frustrating chain of events...

- It wouldn't let me withdraw as I hadn't deposited with a card but it wouldn't let me deposit as it said I was over my maximum balance
- I then contacted their support asking for advice, they only have an email address and live chat but only 2pm to 6pm Monday to Friday (this isn't even live chat, this is a zendesk ticket system so no better than email)
- The next day (Thursday) i received an email saying that they had temporarily taken £350 out of my account so I could deposit £10 to allow the withdrawal.
- I immediately deposited £10 and replied to their email to ask for my money to be put back in to withdraw, I heard nothing.
- In the meantime I was depositing £30 a day on my phone and playing with that.
- Suddenly on Saturday night £100 appears in my account and I play that and lose it.
- I message them immediately to ask them to put my other £250 back in, withdraw it and self exclude my account.
- I hear nothing until Monday afternoon when they put it back in.
- I then request a withdrawal and the website tells me it will be pending for 72 hours. 72 HOURS!!!!!
- I message them back and they ask for a phone bill to prove my deposits which I send immediately.
- I then deposit another £30 on Monday night and win another £150 which I also try to withdraw, I get the same 72 hour message.
- I message them on the "live chat" at 2pm today asking for both withdrawals to be approved and again for my account to be self excluded, I have still had no reply and have since reversed the £150 withdrawal and lost it.

As a background to all this I am a problem gambler and have been for many years, attending GA on and off and currently attending therapy via gamcare so I struggle if there is money in an account which is so immediately available hence the self exclusion requests. Essentially I am not bothered any more, at 4pm tomorrow the 72 hours is up on my £250 withdrawal and I am happy with that once the account is self excluded and I can forget the whole thing and apply through gamstop to have all access removed.

My issue is that I have never before come accross a website with no way on the site itself to set a self exclusion or even a time out or any kind of limits. It is all done through email which they either ignore or take ages to reply to. I'm not sure if this functionality is a requirement by law but like I say every other online casino or gambling site I have used has it in your account settings. It seems like they are not taking their responsibilities with regards responsible gambling very seriously.

Let's just hope I can get it withdrawn tomorrow and forget it.

Thanks for listening.


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