"May's Monster Multi-Level Match" - By L&L Europe LTD and Nolimit City

Because of the Dragon Tribe error I asked Jan if i could pass on the Max Multiplier money, split between the remaining participants who didnt win a scheckle.

After all, its less to wager.

I hope i got it right but should be 20 to @nikantw @colinsunderland @pinnit2014 @kavaman @Scott1baird .

That way we all get a little. Only thing is if you guys win you have to do a comp in 'the remarkable cm community thread'.

Thanks Jan for allowing me to confuse things even more :)
if I make profit with that twenty I will run a comp.
$ome highlights i completed wagering with £350 left :O ! Ju$t ca$hed out there :) happy days!
Well done yet again! :)
I have 196 with 192 wagering left. I thought I would go shit or bust on Punk Rocker in an attempt to hit a 4 scatter bonus but it has just maintained my balance from early on
As I was placed on ‘gardening leave’ during this comp and mostly use L and L casinos I should be given a small prize just as a gesture of goodwill surely lol.
Gratz to all winning
After hours on end and all distractions I withdrew £140 which over all just about covered my deposits for the comp after my win from the cash back win. I had a lot of slotting fun so thanks once again :)

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