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Oct 22, 2007
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Players with over a 100% deposit-payout ratio do not qualify for chat bonuses or specials and only receive 50% of the loyalty bonus.

After you receive a cashout you must make a new deposit before you may request another cashout.

Wagering Rules

We provide a wide selection of games including Bingo, Slots, Video Poker, Keno and Pull Tabs. Each game has a required wagering rule that is used to determine when a player is eligible to cash out against their last deposit. Wagering rules are based on deposit + deposit bonus + all chat awards and the period runs from the time of your last deposit up until the time of your payout request.

9. Wagering Rules by Game

Game Type Wagering rule
Bingo 3x

Casino Games 12x

Bingo + Casino Games 12x

8:13 AM 4/15/2009

Tried to copy and paste it here, but it didn't work for some reason. The gist of it was that Rich came into LiveHelp, welcomed me like an old friend. I then asked him if BDB was connected with StarsandStrips because I had heard they were but then my username and password for BDB wouldn't work. He said they are totally separate but that he and Lynn are only 'helping' the site with Customer Support. Also said I could register at StarsandStripes with a different username and not be violating the multiple account rules at either site.

I said I was going to do that, but left LiveHelp and didn't bother. I don't want their trial money and play against paying customers. I checked out the FAQ's and Rules, and copied them above so you can all see that the rules are the same for both sites, including a 500% first time deposit bonus. For all intents and purposes, the two sites (SASB and BDB) are identical twin sites


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Apr 19, 2009
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Stars & stripes run by the Bingo Affiliates

Stars & Stripes, Best Damn Bingo and Bingo Australia are all run by The Bingo Affiliates and I have up until the start of April played at all sites BUT NEVER AGAIN.

I would say to anyone DO NOT play at any site that The Bingo Affiliates have anything to do with.

They will look for any reason NOT to pay out winnings eg- tell you your PO ratio is too high, that you have mutiple accounts at the one household, tell you that you have committed fraud.

Both my mother and I were playing at Bingo Australia before it went live, they have our sep IDs and had honoured several withdrawal requests until the start of April so they know we are not the same person nor are we at the same address but as we both had withdrawal for the same week and have the same surname things went bad from there, they disabled both our accounts and even fully blocked my IP address from being able to even open a home page of any site they were affiliated with, however as my ISP uses dynamic IP addresses this only worked for then for 48hrs.

I would advise all to steer clear of The Bingo Affiliates and all associated sites they deal with.


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Sep 12, 2006
Very excellent suggestion to avoid sites that openly seek to "use" their clients as cash cows, and show little or no respect or regard for the rest of the industry that may be trying to establish trust and fairness within the unregulated world of online gaming.
Online bingo can be a frightful adventure or simple entertainment, and in my opinion, it is becoming so complex and rule oriented that if you do not read and understand the individual site requirements, you will be given the royal shaft of the uninitiated and unwary depositor.
The larger population of online bingo sites can take their "gaming commissions", global gambling authorties they claim as a supervisory board and stick them in the same trash can where their outrageous rules and operational agendas should be secured.
Be safe....not sorry. Get everything in writing, copy and paste all communications and trust no one until they have EARNED your trust.

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