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Apr 16, 2024
New to this community and to the gambling world. Bit of a harsh intro...I have dabbled in the mainstream sites but also a bit stupidly deposited into two sites (£25 in each) that weren't so well known. Obviously i'll happliy name and shame if need be. I haven't yet spent the deposits and were actually thinking "maybe not a good idea". So went to look into withdrawing but one site says the minumum withdraw is £100 and the other has a wagering requirement of I think 40x to be able to withdraw my deposit!!!!! The first site I am debating depositing enough to withdraw but the second site i'm at a loss inspite of (downright rude) interactions over live chat. Any thoughts on how to go about getting this money out? Thanks for any help.
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Hi, it's usually best to name the casinos right away, there is nothing wrong with that. Plus this way you'll get input from others pretty quickly as many players from here play at all sorts of casinos and likely have experience with the ones you've deposited.

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