Bingo Fest, my best score on two tournaments was left off the leaderboard


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Jun 15, 2007
Bingo Fest and their sister sites,,, and run regular slot tournaments. Prior to this week, the rules merely stated that the scores were determined by the best average win to bet ratio on 5 consecutive rounds. However this is not how these tournaments were graded and I have now been burned out of $2600 as a result.

Initially I played a pair of tournaments where my best score on each was left off the leaderboard. Bingo Fest privately admitted to me the system was in error and did right by crediting me the wins off the record. They claimed they had fixed the issue. My following tournament I won 5000x my bet amount on a spin which would have locked up 1st place. However the score did not reflect on the leaderboard and so I contacted both the manager and support with about 2 days left in the tournament. I could not get a response until after the tournament ended when the manager revealed that the tournament was in reality not graded over 5 consecutive rounds as stated in the rules but rather that the first 5 spins were to be treated as one group, the next 5 spins as the next group and so on. Since my win was 5 wilds on one pay line and essentially the best win possible I had stopped playing knowing I had 4 spins prior. I figured this was just another system error that would need to be resolved. It turns out the system treated my win as one spin in an incomplete group of 5 and therefore discarded it completely even though I had literally thousands of spins prior and even though the absolute floor of all other spins being counted as 0 would have still generated the winning score. The manager insinuated that the result was my fault emphasizing that next time I should always add at least 4 extra spins after such a big win.

On my next tournament I made a spin which won a bonus round of extra spins. One of those spins won 3600x my original bet. It did not show up on the leaderboard so again I contacted the manager. What she ultimately said was that since my win was on a "free" spin, the bet amount would be $0 which would give an undefined win to bet ratio. To prevent that the bet was considered to be $1 in size which made the win to bet ratio too small to be relevant. None of this was in the rules and this was exactly the situation as a few tournaments ago when the manager admitted the system was in error and credited me a win. However now that this win would have been for $1900 cash it was willfully ignored.

Moving forward Bingo Fest has changed the rules to match the reasons they voided my previous wins. Bingo Fest insists this is enough and tend to dodge any points I make by saying that they have been in business since 1996 and wouldn't still be in business if they cheated customers etc., etc., etc.

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