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Hello everyone! i woundered if this is normal?

Sport interaction take a withdraw fee of 15$ on Neteller withdraw,

i found this littlebit annoying becaouse i never had any place where i needed to pay for withdraw to Neteller.

it says i can take ONE withdraw for free every month, i have takin 4 withdraw means in July i have paid 45dollar just in "fees"...


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Its annoying but since they told you upfront there is nothing you can do about it. Many sportsbooks do charge fees for the 2nd withdrawal onwards to cover part of the processing fees though in my view $15 per withdrawal is a bit steep.


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There's a bit over 700€ max withdrawal for Neteller in my account and if I want to withdraw for example 1200-2000€, I'll end up paying about 63€ withdrawal fees (3x30$= ~63€). Have had that happen twice :( (The fee is 15$ for withdrawals between 50$-500$ and 30$ for 500+)
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It's true you get the first withdrawal free then the fee applies to further withdrawals to cover processing costs. I remember a conversation with a casino about 2 years ago where they said processing fees had got so steep it meant that many low rollers actually made the casino a loss, even if the player lost LOL.

As an aside, my withdrawal to Neteller from SI today was instant !!!