Slow Pay Spin time casino, where is my cashin?


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Dec 10, 2003
On March 5th I had a cashin at Spin time casino. I had it flushed and a few days later the money is not in my QT. I mailed the casino a few times and they sent me a lame mail that I should get paid in a week or so. I went to customer service a few times and all they tell me is, they do not know when I will be paid the casino has been backed up with problems from there processor. This is Ten business days and no money and no answers from this Rival casino or customer service. Is there a Rep on here for this Casino?


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Aug 25, 2004
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Mar 9, 2010
There's plenty of threads already on the forum about all Rivals slow paying (Except Sloto & Box 24). No-one knows the REAL reason behind this, but it seems 10 days is about the norm at the moment... :mad:

See this thread;

I don't think there is a rep here..


Hey KK,

I just visited your site. Why don't you put up a warning on your Rival section? Letting New comers know that rival has been having problems paying on time.


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Dec 27, 2007
I think there is no real reason behind stalling payouts apart from to give it time for you to reverse and lose your winnings or enough time for them to email you with some offer if you reverse it.

Its just 1 more tactic to the list


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Dec 11, 2003
We Got Paid!

:notworthyMy wife( CLJ7221) and I were paid by Spintime today from our cashin on March5th. It is March 24th and at least they stepped up. It is a shame though, Rival can not communicate better, we thought this maybe a redux of when Neteller left the U.S. player stuck in the middle a few years ago when the Feds came marching in on our parade and rights.

We were hesitant to play the past several days and almost didn't yesterday due to lack of communication re: where our cash-in was. We took the gamble, lol, and played a bit yesterday and won, so in retrospect glad we stuck to our premise when our palms itch, we play.

Rival, In the future, if you are going to pay late for any reason tell the player, you almost lost us and we play a few grand a month in Rival in that we like the games better than Microgaming and even with sticky bonuses, the player can win at times, much better than at Microgaming, where you can win bigger amounts, but much less often.

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