Songwriting help anyone?


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Ive written songs (just goofing around) because I love to write. I admit I keep it simple because my lexicon isnt as expanded as lojo's (compliment)

Anyway.....I really like this one. I think it has potential. I don't know where to go past copywriting it. I did that and have a copywrite fingerprint. Im working on the melody (RIch is helping me because he's a musician) Where do I go from there? Do I submit it somewhere? Do I send a bunch of copies to music producers. My dad was VP of Farfisa and Hammond Organ and had some connections but Im not sure they are even around anymore. I do know John Johnson who was an executive of A&M, but I dont think they are around anymore. I dont even know if the guy is still alive. Havnt seen him in over 20 yrs when he managed Gino Vannelli and the Carpenters lol.

Any help would be appreciated. To give you an idea: The song is kind of "i love you but im tired of waiting around" type of song and it has urban flare which is a first for me. Ive got a hook and it has 3 verses (4 lines each) and it also has an ending for both male and female (4 lines)


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Take it to American Idol :D

I haven't been in touch for years but
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is a good place to start. For a fee (no, not vanity press) they will even have an A&R man critique it for you. Then you'll know whether it should stay a hobby or is something you might want to pursue. One song can tell alot about the abilities of a writer.

"Shopping' it to friends of friends will usually go nowhere as most people who could make a decision will NOT listen to unsolicited music (for fear of frivolous cr infringement lawsuits)

Good luck:thumbsup:


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Babs I think the most important thing is to establish exactly what your goal is.....what you hope to achieve as a songwriter. Once you work that out everything becomes a lot clearer. :)

Songwriting is actually very healthy..... and it's a lot of fun. So no matter what happens you should continue to write even if you are the only one who ever reads your stuff.