Solid State Drives and Casinos (specifically MG)


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Did a search and didn't want to necro a 3 year old old thread..So...

I just picked up an SSD for use as a new C: drive to give my retro PC a speed boost, currently prepping for a fresh windows install but was wondering about installing mg casinos.

Is there any noticeable difference using an SSD for mg, they currently run fairly decently on a mechanical hard drive, most delays are usually waiting on the servers.

Presumably an SSD will at least make the casinos and games load up faster, but as we all know the mg client takes up stupid amounts of GBs, the space isn't really the issue but the constant downloading and re-downloading of update files concerns me.

I know SSD's are not really suitable for constant data rewriting for two reasons - firstly, the lifetime of the drive and secondly, the fragmentation which may affect speed and performance.

Any known method to install MG casinos on a separate drive, I have separate 1TB and 3TB hard drives but there seems to be no option to install on any drive other than C: ?

Any thoughts, experiences or input welcome, Cheers.
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I have been running MG on a SSD for a couple of years, and so far my SSD appears to be as healthy as when new. Prices are coming down and reliability is going up. There is also the hybrid drive that combines the benefits of an SSD and the reliability of a traditional hard drive.

It was once possible to direct MG to install elsewhere via a "custom install" option, but this was dropped some while ago. They are not even placed in the correct folder as far as Windows is concerned, but in their own folder in the root directory of the C: drive.

The main bulk is now taken up by a "common files" cache, which DOES install according to Windows rules. It may be possible to tweak Windows to place all such files elsewhere. It's the cache that tends to get updated frequently, and it has loads of small files which is inefficient.


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Did the upgrade and it seems fine so far, windows seems pretty snappy, understandable as its a fresh install of Win7, as for the casinos the lobby and games do load slightly faster but as predicted there is still lags due to server delays.

Just be intersting to see if it degrades much over time- like after a few months of updates.


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I've been running an SSD in my ancient thinkpad t60p for about 3 years now. Has had a rough life, heavy use - and is as quick as the day I got it. MG performs well as long as it's not full screen, then it lags a bit.