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Jan 6, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
When I download a casino (mostly Micrograming) the process seems to
procede normally but when I go to the page to connect then it tells me
Navigation to the Webpage is cancelled (apparently by Internet Explorer).
If you click on Refresh Page it says that this program can't display the
webpage. I've talked to several Casino support people without any success
and I even emailed Microgaming a week ago but they didn't respond. The
odd thing is that some casinos I downloaded a couple of months ago work
just fine so there is something going wrong in the download process. I've
had casino support walk me through turning off firewalls and one suggested
I upgrade Internet Explorer to 7.0 which I did but that didn't help. I
had to update to Windows XP with Service Pak 2 in order for my Zune MP3
software to work and since then I've had this problem.:confused:

Other casinos give me an error message during the download or tell me the
Server isn't available. Riverbelle Casino sent me a cd after I called them and I installed from the cd but I can't get the casino to open up at all! :what:

Any tekkies out there with any suggestions? Thanks!
OK and I also need help.

I tried Red32 a few nights ago and the connection keeps dropping. I have also, after many trouble free months started to get trouble (most of the time) connecting to my favourite casino. The Casino.exe file will not launch.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled many joy.

I have even switched off my virus protection to get a joy.

Most worryingly, I have tried to disable my firewall and get the message ''for an unknown reason, you cannot view and adjust your firewall settings'' (or something close to that).

Trying to Google it all, I get most complaining about how to get rid of Casino.exe ! (LOL!- I WANT it) or a whole lot of technical bumf I do not understand.

Please help me someone.

1. Uninstall all the software through the control panel that you are getting errors on then after uninstalling all of the ones that aren't working, right click your "start" button and click on "explore" not explorer,

2. then go to your programs list (has a plus sign(+) next to it) and delete anything left over from your uninstall that pertains to your casinos.

3. Then go to your program FILES and do the same thing.

4. Go to your temp file and make sure no remnants are in there from any casino that was uninstalled.

Make sure you empty your trash can too before re installing for if anything is in there it will reinstall the errors. It took me three tries to get a few casinos to work and this worked for me and now I have no problem with any of them once I got the first one to work.

PS !! Don't forget to "cold" boot after uninstalling and reinstalling steps!

It is also possible you are logged into XP with only "user" privileges. You will need "administrator" priveliges in order to install any software, which includes a casino, or an update to a casino. This was noever an issue with Windows up to 2000, but was introduced into XP as standard. The inability to access the firewall settings to make changes supports the view that you are not working with "administrator" privileges.

Microgaming casinos unable to find the internet connection will briefly launch, but will then simply flick off with no kind of error message to help you.
This is a particular issue with ADSL, and can be cured at boot by first launching Internet Explorer in order to trigger connection to the internet. The casino should then find this connection when it is launched. A few MG casinos do not suffer this, and will create the ADSL connection on launch rather than just failing.

There is also a bug in one of the Microsoft security updates which switches off ActiveX support in Internet Explorer. This caused much havoc when first released, and does not automatically correct itself from the Windows update site. The botched patch has to be deliberately removed by the user using another Microsoft patch detailed in the technical notes. Try looking under AxtiveX support issues for Internet Explorer.

I had to do this in order to fix many MG casinos when Flash 8 was suddenly required during a new games release.

Such issues are a pig to diagnose, let alone fix! Casino CS are woefully out of their depth in many cases, and will respond with the standard FAQ tips which are to do with uninstalling the casino, turning off firewalls and antivirus programmes etc. This kind of problem is very apparent with MG casinos, although other software brands occasionally suffer these kinds of issues. the feedback from the Viper client with regard to error states is lamentable, such as issuing "casino error 2", with there being no way the user can look up Viper codes as there is no user manual! Half the time, the Viper client just crashes out, with no clue as to the error state.

There IS a way to analyse a crashing casino in real time, it is VERY technical, and I understand only a small proportion of the diagnostics offered, but it was enough to be able to prove that in late 2005, the MG software itself was at fault in some way, rather than it being down to player's PC's. (Got a free dinner in London from 32red for that:D ).

Firewalls that are set to an aggressive security mode can also be a problem if they use a "block forever" strategy on an attempted casino connection attempt, and no amount of uninstalling/reinstalling will fix this without changing the setting in the firewall for that casino's server(s).
Generally, security products see any casino application as a threat, rather than something the user might actually want! This is based on the rogue marketing tactics of some casinos in the past, such as drive-by installs, so if they are losing potential customers over increasingly aggressive security stances taken by PC protection products they have their own industry's practices to blame.
Sounds pretty grim annoyed33, I know how frustrating things like this can be.
Is it only Casinos you are having this trouble with and is it always the same casinos?
A re-install of Windows was pretty drastic.
Could be something less technical such as problems with your isp or modem/router.Visit their webpage and make sure they are not having problems.Might also be a good idea to do a speedcheck.

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