softswiss disable any my account on platform


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Oct 6, 2016
hi community.
As I understand it, softswiss took action and unilaterally disabled my accounts in all casinos on the softswiss platform. Iam can not login at any account on platform. At casino any company N1group, Hollycorn NV, Dama. I have been a regular customer of the casino on their platform for more than seven years. What caused the decision to disable my accounts, I do not understand. My game was conducted within the rules of the casino and I did not violate them. It is a mystery to me how I offended the softswiss platform, that such a decision was made without notification of the intention to do so. I was a player for seven years and this is how they treat their regulars? Why did they do this without even giving a chance to solve the situation??? If you can help me with my question, please let me know. Softswiss ignores my messages.
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Jan 20, 2004

Obviously you know the PAB (aka Player Arbitration) process so my suggestion would be to file a new PAB with us and I'll see what they have to say.

As ever, please ensure that you have read the PAB Rules. Failure to comply with the Rules could slow, damage or even cancel your PAB.

That said SoftSwiss -- or any other casino company for that matter -- is perfectly within their rights to terminate their relationship with a player if they see fit, provided any balance or monies owed is paid. Of course it would be good to know why such action was taken but they are under no obligation to explain or justify their decision.

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