Sneaky letter from Jackpotkings casino


Mar 11, 2007
First off, I have still quit gambling (refering to my previous post), but today I got a letter that I found a little disturbing.

It was a letter from a casino called "Jackpotkings casino". They had my full name and adress, and they were offering me a free 100€ coupon. The strange part of this is that I have never registered at that casino, nor any casino in that group. I checked the rouge list here, and needles to say, they were rouged. Now the question is, how the hell did they get hold of my personal information, and the rudeness to send me offers like this in the snailmail when I havent even registered there.. Little disturbing thinking off all the personal details beeing sold in this rotten industry :rolleyes:

Edit. I tried to install the casino and got a warning about adaware beeing found... Im not touching them with a fireplier even, thats for sure...

Anyone else gotten a letter like this?


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Dec 1, 2005
The casino is part of "Crystal Palace Group" and they are rogued of course.
I also got the snail mail, so someone sold us out. I have never played at
any "Crystal Palace Group" casino.


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Dec 11, 2007
Anyone else gotten a letter like this?
Few weeks ago I got a snail-mail letter with casino software disk, and offer of either 100$ or 100 free spins, not remember which one ('cause I promptly "filed" it in my wastebin, LOL)

So I guess personal data are not as secure as some casinos claim :what:

P.S. Are you serious about quitting? I tried gazillion times, but am still here. Uncurable...


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
This goes far deeper. I have now had my SECOND snail mail offer for "spcasino", which is just a dummy landing site for Spin Palace. It has a scratch panel, where I win 1000 of free play (I know this, eveh though I haven't scratched it off, since that is the new player offer on the GENUINE Spin Palace website).

It has been posted from abroad, and the company sending it does not identify themselves, so they must be the equivalent of the "spammer" in snail mail. THEY gain, because the fake landing site attaches a tag as it directs the player through to Spin Palace, and that is how they get recorded, and presumably paid.
I have had an account at Spin Palace for years, so this mailer is only eligible for depositing into my printer:D (It not being as shiny as last time, yet still blank on the reverse).

It looks like there are a group of marketing companies that have moved out of scamming us with "fortune telling", and "you have won one of these prizes, call 0906.... or send xx for processing" - and now see the benefit of mailing offers of "free money" for online casinos.