Slow Payouts


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Jun 30, 2003
I emailed Bryan a couple of months ago concerning Black Widow Casino and it's super slow payout. I waited 4 months for my payout, but never-the-less, they paid all of it to me. I opened up a Firepay account after 3 months and 1 week hoping that would speed up their delivery and got it 3 weeks later. Wary of that casino now for payouts. Too bad it has been a fun one.


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Mar 29, 2002
Do a search in the online casino or casino complaints forums and you'll find a conversation Bryan had with the guy who runs that casino. Then you'll know why they drag out payment like that. It will never get faster, because they don't want anyone who plays any of their bonuses. Once you do, your payments are delayed delayed delayed.

I've since deleted them from my computer and won't play there again until they straighten up. I don't care how many bonus emails they send me, I don't trust any casino that takes that long to pay. Just look at Atlantic Interbet (AIB) for an example of what happens when a casino takes longer & longer to pay.

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