Rizk Races - all race games permitted


Mar 20, 2022
Every now and then there is a race in which all the race games are allowed to play. Recently the casino has changed its policy so that in these all games -races the winner list is no more shown, so you can't see what games are the optimal from the points gathering angle, that is the ones whose winning profile is set to produce many about 10 x stake, which gives 300 points.

I asked the customer service about those games, the agent either did not understand what I meant or did not bother to find the info. He could have checked what games those in the lead were playing, but he seemed to think this a violation of some rules (but just a couple of months ago this info was shown everyone in the race).

Playing several times the races in Reactoons, Sweet Bonanza, Lord, Gates of Olympus and so on, you can see each games's average max points per 500 rounds. None of those games mentioned produce 20 000 points, which is the usual leading amount in the all games -races.

So, obviously some players have found this info in their own way, but I think it a little unfair that the others have really no chance of winning the top prizes.

If anyone has this inside info, It'd be great if you shared it!

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