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Resolved Slottyvegas does everything to delay verification

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by JohnSnow, Nov 8, 2018.

    Nov 8, 2018
  1. JohnSnow

    JohnSnow Newbie member PABnonaccred

    Dear casinomeister members,

    I deposited today with ideal 100 euro on slottyvegas and got 100 euro bonus and today Is one of those days that I am extremely lucky and unlucky at the same time. Right now I have wagered 5.989.55 euro and I need to wager 7000. My balance is 2389.34 euro at the moment so I will have something to cash out when I am done wagering.

    I went to live chat to ask if my account is verified on slotty since my account on betat casino is also verified which is the same company. Note that I have never been lucky to withdraw on either one of the casinos.

    He said that I needed to give them my bank statement. I uploaded the front and back of my card and send this to them. This was not enough. Later I send them the ideal transaction link of the payment also not accepted. After this I logged into my rabobank bank app and send them a pdf of the transaction that was done trough my bank. Everything is there, name of me and details of the transactions. Also pictures of front and back of my card in full should be more than enough but no it is not.

    They want a specific bank statement and my bank only gives this when you pay 75 euro and have to wait 10 working days before receiving this. After this I have to upload the file and send this to slotty so that they can verify me. They say that this is something that they must ask because of their licensees which is MGA and UKGC and they are flat-out lying. I play for 8 years and never has any casino with MGA or ukgc license not accepted my banking documents. Every detail that is needed in order to verify my account has already been send to them and they can easily see if it is legit or not.

    This is just stalling and making it hard for me to get verified here probably because I am for once lucky on their casino. Below is the last chat I have had with them. Please tell me dear casinomeister players. Did you have to do the same in order to get verified?
    Chat transcript

    This email is not visible to you.>
    do 8-11-2018 19:02
    Postvak IN



    Chat transcript

    Choose a Team Verification

    So, how can we help? Hello can you please forward me to the verification department

    Tuomas Thu, 11/08/18 06:41:53 pm Europe/Amsterdam

    Welcome to Slotty Vegas

    06:42:45 pm

    Hello can you please forward me to the verification department

    Tuomas 06:43:34 pm


    06:43:43 pm

    I have already uploaded everything you need in order to verify my account and yet you refuse and say that you need specifically bank statement. This casino is stalling verification while I am already verified on sister casino betat.
    Also this is the page where my bank explains everything about a bank statement
    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    Please read carefully you expect me to pay my bank 75euro wait 10 working days before my bank send this document to me and only then my account can be verified?
    It states clearly on the site of my bank that I have to pay 75euro and wait 10 working days

    Tuomas 06:45:38 pm

    Kindly note that this is a verification process required of us by our license. Unfortunately there can be no exceptions, and the process is the same for all of our customers.

    06:46:10 pm

    So I must pay 75 euro and wait 10 days
    And then wait for you to verify
    It is not and you are now lying you don't have any more license than a MGA and UKGC license
    I play for over 8 years online and never ever was this asked of me

    Tuomas 06:47:06 pm

    That is true. We are under UKGC and MGA license.

    06:47:14 pm

    I am. Already verified with you sister casino
    So what is the problem
    How can all casinos accept M document except yours
    How can you verify me on one site and not on this one with same documents
    How is this possible
    You are the same company
    Same people as betat
    You can check all my crediantals call my bank call the government of Holland for God's sake
    I can provide Évry transaction I have made with my bank
    I send copy of ideal payment I send copy of my bank card with all the details
    My Bic is visible Iban is visible name is visible
    Everything you need in order to verify my documents are already there
    How can you verify me of one casino like betat and not here
    How is that possible you have the same license same company
    Same operators
    I have never ever been declined of documents on any casino where I have played over the past 8 years
    You verify me on betat and when I am here and deliver even more documents than on betat you say no?
    How illegal is operating at this level?
    I have finally a good day
    Finally some winnings and almost done wagering

    Tuomas 06:51:54 pm

    Kindly note that we follow the rules and regulations very strictly.

    06:52:16 pm

    Kindly note that you do not answer my questions
    You are the same company and people as betat
    You say that you are obligated by your licensees and you have only MGA and UKGC where every casino with this licensees have accepted all of my documents
    You know full well that the specific bank statement that you want takes over one week and I have to pay 75 euro
    This is criminal

    Tuomas 06:54:22 pm

    As I stated before, every player goes trough the same verification process, and there are no exceptions in any situation.

    06:55:04 pm

    No sir they don't and you know it otherwise the details that I have provided would be enough. Transaction page with all the information of my details and bank
    Photos of my bank card
    The front and back in full
    Don't tell me that every player has to do the same please note that if you lie about this I will forward this eventually to your own licensees. No player is requested by MGA or ukgc rules to provide the specific bank statement that you ask for. If thus was the case you would be out of business a long time ago. You keep denying my questions and giving me the exact same robot answer
    No player is required to pay their bank money and wait almost two weeks before getting verified

    Tuomas 06:57:38 pm

    It is required by the license that we verify each and every player in order for them to be able to withdraw, and this process is the same for all of our customers.

    06:57:57 pm

    OK sir I have copied this chat
    You are lying no player has to do this

    Tuomas 06:58:14 pm

    That is your right to do so Mohammad.

    06:58:24 pm

    Nk player has to pay bank and wait 2 weeks
    Not possible

    Tuomas 06:58:52 pm

    Note that you can also ask for a PDF version from the bank.

    06:59:02 pm

    Omg it can't

    Tuomas 06:59:06 pm

    They should be able to send it if you contact them.

    06:59:06 pm

    I just send you link
    You must register/login in order to see the link.
    This is my official bank
    How in gods name can you deny the his
    Use Google translate and read what is stated there
    In order to ask Bank for bank statement you have to call them or go to the bank. Pay 75 euro for the information and wait 10 working days in order to receive the documents
    Official please check the link
    What do you want me to do?
    Will you cove the 75 euro?
    You ask for specific documents I refer you to the official page of my bank
    You can see the information for yourself
    Still you say that every player has to do the same
    Cmoooon what is this

    Tuomas 07:02:18 pm

    I understand you frustration , but unfortunately we need that document in order to verify your account.
  2. Nov 8, 2018
  3. dionysus

    dionysus can turn wine into water CAG MM

    I'm a Canucklehead
  4. Nov 8, 2018
  5. theapple

    theapple Senior Member

    far far away
    slotty and betat used to be so good.

    guess i dodged a bullet by not playing there since their ownership change
  6. Nov 8, 2018
  7. JohnSnow

    JohnSnow Newbie member PABnonaccred

    Yes the specific bank statement that they ask for costs 75euro, not only that it also takes 10 working days as stated on my banks page to even get the information. I have contacted the casino rep waiting for a reply, thank you. Slottyvegas only accepts Pdf from the bank which I can't get or a hard copy which I can get after 10 working days and paying 75 euro.

    I managed to finally clear the wagering. I have 2450 in my account which I now cannot withdraw because I am not yet verified. There is no casino that I have come across that does not accept screenshots from online banking, or photo from my bank card where you can clearly see every information that you need to see. My documents can easily be verified like it was verified on betat casino.

    I know that they want me to play everything I have again in the casino and lose it and just be done with it. I just can't wrap my fingers around the fact that this casino has a ukgc and MGA license when treating players like this. I am already verified with this company on a sister casino.

    If there are any Dutch players on slottyvegas that also are active on casinomeister please let me know which documents you send for them to accept your banking documents. What they want for me now will almost take two weeks and will cost me 75 euro. I'd rather not to this.
  8. Nov 8, 2018
  9. dionysus

    dionysus can turn wine into water CAG MM

    I'm a Canucklehead
    Hopefully the rep can sort it, or barring that, have your acct locked so you arent tempted to spend your gains
  10. Nov 9, 2018
  11. sapit222

    sapit222 Meister Member MM PABaccred

  12. Nov 9, 2018
  13. CM_BETAT

    CM_BETAT I-Gaming Industry Representative

    Head of Casino
    Hi JohnSnow,

    Sorry you're having issues concerning verification on SV. I'll look into the situation to see what I can do to assist and will get back to you very soon.

    I'm sure its nothing to worry about..

  14. Nov 9, 2018
  15. lockinlove

    lockinlove Staring into the sun PABaccred

    I work :D
    Yeah these are always a blatant attempt to delay, frustrate a player and hope they reverse and lose. I run across casinos the odd time pulling these stunts.

    Still going through it with voodoo dreams, ive been given every excuse under the sun. Easily the most annoying thing ever.

    My bank wanted me to pay $35 for a statement because the casino wouldnt accept the online version. In the end my financial adviser waived the fee but yeah casinos know if they be a huge pain in the ass the player will hopefully think, hey now they piss me off Im gonna try and win more and burn them or just lose it.

    In the end they always lose with me. I never play there again and get my money.
    zreb, aceking123 and theapple like this.
  16. Nov 9, 2018
  17. CM_BETAT

    CM_BETAT I-Gaming Industry Representative

    Head of Casino
    I appreciate your opinion on the matter lockinlove, however I will have to check the facts of the case before concluding that this is a "blatant attempt to delay, frustrate a player and hope they reverse and lose."

    Casinos have stringent rules and regulations to follow with regard to verification across EU, UKGC and MGA due to AML requirements for movement of funds, and the fines are extensive and penalties severe. If this is indeed an absolute requirement to complete verification due to a particular payment method being used, then unfortunately the player's choice of bank and the service they offer is not something I can assist with, though i would suggest shopping around for another as €75 + 10 days for a simple statement is not very competitive in this day and age. Just for reference, I get mine immediately for free online.

    Should the request be mandatory, at the players request I will personally block gameplay to ensure that winnings are absolutely protected and there is no "delaying tactic in the hope that the player loses everything" while the necessary documentation is provided and the payment method verified correctly. That will put to rest any insinuations that this is some delaying tactic. As the Head of Casino and Brand, I have complete authority to do that.

    What we will not do however, is ignore our obligations toward verification which in the end will leave us liable.

    I hope this answers any concerns.

  18. Nov 9, 2018
  19. quber

    quber Senior Member

    This is the part that gets me, are they so stupid to think that after going through all this hassle a player is going to continue depositing? The quicker a player gets their money the quicker they can re-deposit everyone's a winner.
  20. Nov 9, 2018
  21. JohnSnow

    JohnSnow Newbie member PABnonaccred

    UPDATE! There was a very big misunderstanding between me and slottyvegas about bank statement. I am not a native English speaker and so I translated bank statement in Google to Dutch which means bank verklaring (this is something with far more details and normally used for start ups 1 man company). Bank statement what they meant is just all the income and outcome from a period of time). Yes I can download this on my online banking card in pdf format. Just now I uploaded it to live chat and be has forwarder the documents to the verification department. Now waiting to get verified

    Still with all the info I gave them already I should by long be verified. I don't really feel comfortable that they now where I spend what and how much but I guess it is what it is.
  22. Nov 9, 2018
  23. pinnit2014

    pinnit2014 Meister Member MM PABinit

    Work with figures, other audit-y things
    Out of curiosity... given it’s the same licence, why do players need to verify separately at both sites?
    zreb likes this.
  24. Nov 9, 2018
  25. L&L-Jan

    L&L-Jan Affiliate Manager for Accredited Casinos

    Affiliate Manager
    @JohnSnow - In your Rabobank app, go to your personal details (overview) that showns your: account number, name, address. Your phone will show the date and time.
    That is sufficient. You dont need to get the advanced bank statement.
  26. Nov 9, 2018
  27. L&L-Jan

    L&L-Jan Affiliate Manager for Accredited Casinos

    Affiliate Manager
    I had that feeling, was about to reply in Dutch here on the topic :)
  28. Nov 9, 2018
  29. CM_BETAT

    CM_BETAT I-Gaming Industry Representative

    Head of Casino
    To my knowledge the verification information has been transferred across, and there was no request from Slotty Vegas payments team to provide the same information again.

    All that is being requested is documentation to verify a new payment method that has not been used on the other brand.

    Borgie and pinnit2014 like this.
  30. Nov 9, 2018
  31. JohnSnow

    JohnSnow Newbie member PABnonaccred

    They already have that wher my details are shown. Now they have every transaction I did the past month. Everything. They said themselves that it wasn't enough. They have more documents of me than any casino needs now.
  32. Nov 9, 2018
  33. JohnSnow

    JohnSnow Newbie member PABnonaccred

    Seriously? I had already uploaded my ideal transaction page on the bank and the copy from ideal self in my email. On chat the guy from the verification department said that it was not enough. I already provided documents that showed every detail from the transaction done by ideal. Now you have a whole month of transaction that I just send you. And live chat just confirmed that the documents I just send was the document that they wanted. I can forward the chat transcript if you like? I don't have to tell people what others can do with the information I gave slottyvegas. It's just not right.

    I paid with ideal. When I make transactions with ideal I always choose to send the transaction details to email ( you can do this with ideal payments). I send them this information it was not enough. Then I send them transaction from my bank itself and pictures of front and back of my bank bank account and also that was not enough. Now I have send them pages of transactions from the past month.
  34. Nov 9, 2018
  35. CM_BETAT

    CM_BETAT I-Gaming Industry Representative

    Head of Casino
    I just spoke with the payments team and the document you provided 10 minutes ago is correct and what they were asking for all along.

    All could have been avoided quite easily really, but instead against forum rules, we yet again find ourselves here at the stake being publicly castigated and admonished for doing our best to follow good practice.

    Thank you to all who contributed.

    Kind Regards,
    mac72 likes this.
  36. Nov 9, 2018
  37. Paultje82

    Paultje82 Full Member

    I hate that stuff...i never had issues,only now at Guts my document verification and my pending withdrawl takes way longer then every other casino i did some withdrawl ever.
    Hope its fixed soon JohnSnow....maybe its because were dutch :D
  38. Nov 9, 2018
  39. CM_BETAT

    CM_BETAT I-Gaming Industry Representative

    Head of Casino
    Identification documents can be carried over across brands if it the same player and it has already been verified. My understanding is that it had been used(sorry for misunderstanding previously) but not verified, so if a payment method hasnt been fully verified on the first brand, it will still need to be verified on the second brand if to be used to withdraw.

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