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slots royale/crazy vegas screwing me

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Bonus Issues' started by marcsudbury, Apr 16, 2010.

    Apr 16, 2010
  1. marcsudbury

    marcsudbury Experienced Member

    i work
    sudbury ontario
    my wife got a phone call 2 nights from slots royale, which doesn't download anymore it's crazy vegas. the guy tells me that they miss her and put 50 bucks in her account.

    i ask him terms and conditions. he says 30 times playthrough, i ask is there a max cashout?

    he says no just a playthrough, ok i said and thank you.

    now if you go to winners screenshots you'll see i won 2000. well after waiting 2 days for docs to be verified it happen this morning.....

    max cashout 200. you know if the guy did't tell me there wasn't a max cashout i wouldn't be so pissed. so i guess now you have to keep a record of every chat and record phone calls now too.
  2. Apr 16, 2010
  3. kakata

    kakata Banned User - hyper flamming PABnonaccred PABnoaccred PABaccred

    miami fl

    best would be, keep record of the money you r no longer going to deposit...and have look at the list at the end of the month:cool::D
  4. Apr 17, 2010
  5. all4greed

    all4greed Now we can do business.

    Pacific NW
    I would have asked for an email stating the terms. But that's just me...
  6. Apr 17, 2010
  7. maphesto

    maphesto Dormant account

    Me too!:thumbsup:

    It´s not very often they call, they can´t figure out how to dial the country code. :D

    Those few times they really send me an email afterwards it´s NEVER the same offer as in the phone. :rolleyes:
  8. Apr 17, 2010
  9. Mousey

    Mousey Ueber Meister Mouse

    Pencil Pusher
    Bingo! This type of 'marketing' is what I think of as 'Say anything, just get them in the door'.

    Frankly, after years of playing online, bonuses and the attitude of casinos toward players have changed -- and not for the better.

    I think it's time to accept the fact that the vast majority of bonuses are NOT 'bonuses' they're bait. And if there's bait, there's a trap.

    Am I saying don't play bonuses? Nope. I think we should all just be sure we have our eyes wide open and full body armor on when we click that Accept button, and be prepared to run the gauntlet should we get lucky enough to cash out.

    Just for poops and giggles I went looking for the definition of "bonus"....

    Ummm.... anyone see anything in those definitions that even remotely resembles an online casino 'bonus'?

    Me neither.
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  10. Apr 20, 2010
  11. same_old

    same_old Dormant account PABaccred webmeister

    12th man
    They should still have a copy of the chat anyway, it will be saved with your username so shouldnt be hard to find.

    Ask to speak with the shift supervisor to locate the chat and read over what was said to you.

    Dont let it go.
  12. Apr 20, 2010
  13. VPL

    VPL Casino Representative

    Call Centre Manager
    South Africa
    Response to "Crazy Vegas screwing me"...

    Dear Marcsudbury,

    Please check your Private message box, as we have sent you a personal response regarding the matter at hand.
    Thank you for your patience whilst allowing us to investigate the matter.

    After conducting a full investigation on your query, and consulting with both the agent in question, as well as the supervisor on shift at the time, our findings are as follows:

    As much as Crazy Vegas Casino takes pride in speedy payments up to any amount on a daily basis, in this particular case, we were unable to find any evidence of max cash out value being discussed or agreed upon. Please note that under any other circumstances, where this term & condition/max cash out rule is not applicable, we assure you that your total winnings would have been paid in full. Congratulations on your winnings, and your max cash out amount has been paid to your ECO Card account and should be reflecting.

    Crazy Vegas Casino hopes that you accept these findings, and despite these unfortunate circumstances, we hold our players interests in high regard and sincerely value all loyal players with us. We sincerely hope that you will continue to visit our casino, and in return, we will endeavor to shower you and all players the same, with generous bonuses, as in the case of the $50 extended as a no-Deposit bonus to you.

    We wish you all the best in all your future gaming, spectacular wins, good times, and many cash outs.
    We hope that you judge the casino’s term & condition ruling favorably.

    All the best to everyone.


    Contact Centre Manager
    Vegas Partner Lounge
  14. Apr 20, 2010
  15. marcsudbury

    marcsudbury Experienced Member

    i work
    sudbury ontario
    well it sucks was pretty thrilling winning 2k on a 90 cent spin. but i'll have to take this as a lesson. don't take anything on the phone, get it in writting. crappy part is i lost the 200 last night in less than an hour..lol but i do want to thank the casino rep for responding quickly an dnot leaving me in the dark.
  16. Apr 20, 2010
  17. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom


    Sounds like a load of bullshit.

    So, the agent FAILED TO MENTION that there was a max cashout applicable, but you STILL decide not to pay because the AGENT COCKED UP when phoning the player.

    Remember, with Microgaming it is VERY UNUSUAL to find a max cashout rule in place, and pretty much UNHEARD OF outside of those introductory free chip offers.

    The onus is on YOU to make it clear to players that such an exceptional rule applies, and NOT for the PLAYER to ask every conceivable question under the sun to discover all the "hidden traps" you might have set with such an offer.

    This kind of thing not only puts one player off, but also the many players who hear the story, and think "WTF:eek: You won't catch ME playing there again".

    This could be a breach of the standards for an accredited casino:-

    This was "misleading", since whilst the player was told about the 30x rollover, he was NOT told about the max cashout of 200. In effect, only PART of the terms were relayed to the player, not the WHOLE of them.

    There seems to be a problem in the industry as a whole where players are made special offers over the phone, which are changed at a later stage because the agent either overstepped their authority in order to get the player playing, or left something out in the conversation which turned out to be a "material fact" that was later used against the player when they had a significant win. Many such offers are made "off the record", with players having nothing in writing, and being forced to rely on the agent to be open and honest, and above all, backed by management who would honour the offer made, not the offer the agent was SUPPOSED to make.
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  18. Apr 20, 2010
  19. oldtrvlagt

    oldtrvlagt Dormant account

    Self Employed Travel Agent
    It reminds me of the telemarketing people who are paid on commission to "close" a sale when they call you up and try to sell the newest "fantastic gizmo" on the market. But, they forget to tell you the $1.99 purchase price comes with a $19.99 shipping charge:lolup::lolup::lolup: I always hang up:thumbsup:
  20. Apr 20, 2010
  21. maphesto

    maphesto Dormant account

    Well Curt!

    I don´t consider your investigation well done! As I see it you have chosen to pick the alternative which is cheapest for the casino, this is of course not surprising.

    Look at this!

    After checking your Promotional T&C page I can only find two "no deposit" offers we can relate to in this matter.

    The first one is the cash back bonus which is no max cashout on.

    The second one is the one for new players.

    As we can see NONE of those is the one that you have offered to the op.

    This means that you can choose to give him/her 20$ or 500$ or those 2000$ that he/she is entitled to.

    There is absolutely nothing that says that this bonus has a max cashout for 200$.

    Also remind this:

    When we put everything together we can only see that the behaviour of the casino is bad.

    You don´t mention the max cashout and you don´t write it in your T&C.

    The op asks you and you say "no max cashout".

    In my opinion you have created a mess out of this, and together with the rules VWM just quoted I thinl you better pay the op in full.

  22. Apr 20, 2010
  23. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    This is even WORSE than I thought.

    The rep says that:-

    This was bad enough, a material omission,

    but the OP says:-

    This looks like the agent LIED to the player, even if through ignorance. This was a PHONE offer, and there SHOULD be a recording of such a verbal offer.

    Even though not specifically covered in the rules for accreditation, there MUST surely be evidence kept of ANY offer made to a player over the phone, such as a recording, given that there is NOTHING in writing in such cases, and NOTHING also on the website covering such ND offers to EXISTING players.

    There are ONLY two possibilities.

    1) The OP is lying to get the money.
    2) The agent screwed up, even lied to "close" the deal, and the casino management are now reneging on the offer made by it's agent.

    Bryan has often cautioned players against relying on offers made over the phone, and to always "get it in writing"; however, players should NOT have to be covering all the bases when it comes to dealing with an ACCREDITED operation, there should be sufficient trust in this status that players can be confident that offers made by agents will be honoured.
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  24. Apr 27, 2010
  25. HICKORY4

    HICKORY4 Dormant account PABnononaccred

    Slots of Fortune?

    Anybody know anything about Slots of Fortune? I recently made a deposit and won! Withdrew $5000. That money was credited to my quicktender account. A couple days later I won $10,000. After a week of haggling back and forth with online support, I received an email stating that I provided them with fraudulent verification documents (which is sooooo not true) then they also told me I had multiple accounts with them (which is also soooo not true). They stripped me of my $10,000 and closed my account. The telephone number you call only has someone that picks up and puts you on hold then never comes back to the phone. I love playing at the Rival casinos but now I am scared that they all can do this?
  26. Apr 28, 2010
  27. maxd

    maxd Complaints (PAB) Manager Staff Member

    The PAB Guy
    :mad: You posted a PAB on this very issue 23rd April 2010, 08:18 PM. On Monday I sent you an email telling you I was working on your issue. And now you post here about it here in DIRECT disregard of the guidelines explicitly given in the Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ of which you said in your PAB "I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE PAB FAQ.".

    Tell me why I should bother spending another second on your case when you so blatantly ignore what we ask of you in return? :axeman:
  28. Apr 28, 2010
  29. marcsudbury

    marcsudbury Experienced Member

    i work
    sudbury ontario
    yeah they suck but all i can do now is warn friends, and not play any of their casinos.
  30. Apr 28, 2010
  31. bernynhel

    bernynhel Dormant account PABnononaccred PABnoaccred

    Los Angeles
    Why doesn't that count as a No Deposit Bonus?

    "...the total winnings on all NO-DEPOSIT bonuses are limited to $200/£100/€150 maximum."

    If the caller who telephoned the $50 offer said "no max, just playthrough" then that's totally f'd up and I'd maybe wait for him behind his car in the parking lot when he got off work. But other than that, wuddayagonnado?
    Sorry, marcsudsbury. :confused:
  32. Apr 28, 2010
  33. Cant_Get_Right

    Cant_Get_Right Banned User

    Work For Home
    Wanna know what's totally f'd up? You had the nerves to call the president of the US the N word. And when you were defended by your klan members. And your suspension were lifted early. You go on and post:
    You meant to refer to him as the N word. You are so disrespectful. I would like to call you out myself. But you're on the other side of the coast from me.
  34. Apr 28, 2010
  35. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Admin Warning: thread derailment - flaming

    Don't derail the thread. Thank you.
  36. May 24, 2010
  37. VPL

    VPL Casino Representative

    Call Centre Manager
    South Africa
    No-deposit terms and conditions (Max cash out amount)

    Hi everybody,

    To clear up any confusion regarding the max cash out amount, I have copied and pasted our Promotional terms and conditions for your convenience:

    (Extracted from below)
    “NO-DEPOSIT bonuses are limited to $200/£100/€150 maximum. Should the player win in excess of $200/£100/€150 the excess will be removed from the players account before fulfilling the cash-in.”

    4.4 No-Deposit Bonuses (where offered)

    Offer applicable only to new Real Players, who download the casino - Flash Casino players will not receive this bonus.

    For the download bonus players need to register at least one credit card or make a purchase using any method before qualifying for a download bonus.

    Because NO purchase is required, and the winnings returned could be sizable, the total winnings on all NO-DEPOSIT bonuses are limited to $200/£100/€150 maximum. Should the player win in excess of $200/£100/€150 the excess will be removed from the players account before fulfilling the cash-in.

    Minimum initial bonus wager requirements and minimum cash-in requirements apply.

    I trust that this clears up any confusion?

  38. May 24, 2010
  39. VPL

    VPL Casino Representative

    Call Centre Manager
    South Africa
    RE: Cash Back Bonus...

    Hello everyone,

    Regarding the Cash Back bonus, there is no max cash out amount, because it is not a No-deposit bonus.

    For your convenience, i have pasted the terms and conditions below:

    (Extracted from terms below):
    Your Cash Back Bonus will be calculated using your losses (excluding any bonuses) and will be calculated as 10% of those losses.

    4.2 Cash Back Bonuses (where offered)

    The "Cash Back" bonus amount will only be paid to players who made a deposit within a 7 day period between 00:01 EST (GMT-5) on Monday morning and Midnight EST (GMT-5) on Sunday Evening.

    Your Cash Back Bonus will be calculated using your losses (excluding any bonuses) and will be calculated as 10% of those losses.
    Minimum Wagering Requirements apply.

    Any cash-in request before the minimum wagering requirements are fulfilled in full will result in the bonus being removed and/or your cash-in will be token refunded to your casino account.

    The "Cash Back" Bonus will be made in the form of casino chips to be used for real play at the Casino.

    The "Cash Back" Bonus is based on the previous weeks play, and will be paid weekly every Tuesday morning by 08:00 EST (GMT-5)

    The "Cash Back" Bonus losses will NOT be carried over and will NOT count towards the next "Cash Back" bonus.

    Management reserves the right to change the offer, adjust bonus terms and conditions, or deny a promotional bonus due to player misuse or abuse.

    The maximum total "Cash Back" bonus payable in one month is $/£/€10,000 (where offered)

    I trust this clears up any confusion regarding our 10% Cash Back bonus?

    Best regards,


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